Personalized Memorial Candles - Memory Vases, Frames and Crosses
Memorial Candles - Memory Vases, Frames and Crosses

Remember family or friends passed away at your wedding or any special occasion with a personalized memorial candle, memory vase, frame or cross. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and reunions are all special occasions of joy and celebration. These joyful times can also be difficult when someone dear to us has recently passed away. They too can be a significant part of your day, in spirit and in remembrance, with a memory vase or candle. Choose from a variety of memorial glass vase styles, a glass candle holder or pillar candle including:

Light a flame to honor loved ones with a personalized 'In Loving Memory' candle. Place the candle at your ceremony, reception, or party as a loving memorial. After your wedding or party, loved ones will be remembered daily with a beautiful glass memorial vase engraved with their names and filled with fresh flowers or a dried floral arrangement weighted with colored sand.

'Our parents couldn't have been happier to have both of us honor our grandparents who have passed away prior to our marriage in our ceremony. It was a great way for us to have our entire family involved and also a great way to have our parents remember our special day and the fact that their parents were there with us as well.' ~ Tami, Des Plaines, IL
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