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Metallic and Satin Foil Imprint Colors for Printed Favors

Coordinating your custom printed favors with your wedding or party decorations and theme can be a challenge. Foil imprint options for personalizing gift bags, favor boxes, and napkins are available in 25 colors, including metallic, satin, and matte foils, to help you choose the perfect imprint colors to compliment your theme and colors.

Not sure which imprint color is right for you? Give us a call at 1-800-605-3415 for friendly assistance and we will be happy to help you.

Matte Foil Imprint Colors

ebony matte imprint color
Ebony Matte
white matte imprint color
White Matte

Metallic Foil Imprint Colors

metallic silver imprint color
Metallic Silver
metallic gold imprint color
Metallic Gold
metallic copper imprint color
Metallic Copper
metallic red imprint color
Metallic Red
metallic cerise imprint color
Metallic Cerise
metallic mauve imprint color
Metallic Mauve
metallic moss imprint color
Metallic Moss
metallic green imprint color
Metallic Green
metallic teal foil imprint color
Metallic Teal
metallic aqua imprint color
Metallic Aqua
metallic royal blue imprint color
Metallic Royal Blue
metallic purple imprint color
Metallic Purple
metallic lavender imprint color
Metallic Lavender
metallic multi color rainbow foil imprint color
Multi Color

Satin Foil Imprint Colors

platinum satin imprint color
Platinum Satin
antique satin imprint color
Antique Satin
bronze satin imprint color
Bronze Satin
ruby satin imprint color
Ruby Satin
fuchsia satin imprint color
Fuchsia Satin
emerald satin imprint color
Emerald Satin
peacock satin imprint color
Peacock Satin
periwinkle satin imprint color
Periwinkle Satin
plum satin imprint color
Plum Satin

14 Metallic Foil Colors - Metallic foils are stamped onto personalized favors leaving a smooth, shiny print that presents great contrast and a metallic shine when held at an angle in direct lighting. Metallic foils do not smear or bleed when exposed to moisture.

9 Satin Foil Colors - Satin foils are stamped onto personalized favors leaving a satin texture print that presents a dull sheen that is more subtle than metallic foils when held at an angle in direct light. Satin foils do not smear or bleed when exposed to moisture.

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