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6 Tips for Making Awesome Wedding Welcome Bags For Your Guests

Wedding welcome bags are an incredible way to make your loved ones feel appreciated for being a part of your big day. Whether you have out-of-town guests coming in to celebrate your union or people to whom you want to give a special token of appreciation, you can convey your gratitude with wedding gift bags. These gift bags allow you to welcome your guests thoughtfully.

While you can opt for a basic wedding bag, if you want to make this gift more memorable, you can incorporate your wedding theme, souvenirs, location map, and more in your welcome bags for the guests.

Let’s look at six tips for making awesome wedding bags for your loved ones!

6 Tips to Make Memorable Wedding Welcome Bags for Your Guests

Here are some tips to help you make awesome wedding guest bags:

Focus on the Packaging Material

Depending on your budget, theme, and idea for the wedding bags, you can choose from a vast array of wedding bag materials. For instance, if you plan a beach wedding, you can prepare cotton or canvas wedding bags for your guests. These are durable bags that your guests can carry with them around the beach and explore the area. You can keep essentials for them in these bags, such as a beach towel, lip balm, sunscreen, moisturizer, a water bottle, trinkets, etc.

Alternatively, if you want your wedding bags to be lightweight and simple yet elegant, you can choose Kraft and tissue paper bags. You will get to choose from multiple options and styles, and these bags can fit all sorts of goodies, making them a solid investment. You can accessorize them with ribbons and fancy prints as well.

Prepare a Wine Bag

If you want to appreciate your loved ones for becoming a part of your wedding festivities, there’s hardly anything better than giving them a custom wedding wine bag. You can gift their favorite bubbly or wine to them in a sleek, customizable wine bag that you can get in your favorite color. If you want to take it a step further, you can get this bag personalized with your monogram or a special message to your loved one. These bags are perfect for giving to your bridal party at the wedding rehearsal or when welcoming them to the reception or hotel for a destination wedding.

Make Themed Wedding Bags

Depending on where you are celebrating your wedding and your theme for the day, you can customize your bags to fit that theme. You can get special quotes or graphics printed on the bag to support your theme. Alternatively, keep things simple and get your initials and wedding date printed on these special guest bags.

Create Welcome Notes for Your Guests

While putting heartfelt notes inside your wedding welcome bags is always a great idea; you can take this one step ahead by printing cute messages or notes on the bags themselves. You can print a special cute, a welcome message, or a note of appreciation thanking the guests for becoming a part of your big day. Your guests can keep these bags as souvenirs from your special day.

Stick with Your Color Scheme

If you want your wedding gift bags to not stick out like sore thumbs, you should prepare them in the color palette of your wedding. Alternatively, if you have an intimate wedding with limited guests, you can prepare these wedding bags in the favorite colors of the people who will receive them. It will be a heartwarming and thoughtful gesture on your part, which will certainly make them happy.

Choose Travel-Friendly Tote Bags

If you’re having a destination wedding, you will need to prepare wedding bags for guests traveling to the location from across the globe for you. So, if you want to be thoughtful and make your guests taken care of, you can prepare large wedding bags that are durable enough for them to carry for the duration of their stay. Make sure to add essentials, such as a location map, local snacks, sunscreen, and more, to your guests’ bags so that they are set for their stay.

The Bottom Line

Welcome wedding bags are the perfect giveaways for people who make your wedding memorable. You can add all sorts of souvenirs and trinkets to these bags to thank your loved ones for becoming a part of your big day. If you customize the bags in your favorite prints, wedding date, monograms, initials, colors, and more, your guests can keep them as souvenirs. Just make sure to choose bags that can last a long time. You should prepare wedding bags that will bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces and make them feel valued!