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6 Types of Wedding Cake Toppers – Choose Your Style

By Ray Miller

Your wedding cake must look as impressive as it tastes! Personalized wedding cake toppers are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your confection. Whether hosting a glamorous, rustic, classic, or modern wedding, you can find a cake topper for every theme. This article will discuss the top six types of personalized wedding cake toppers available at My Wedding Reception Ideas that you can bag for your special day:

1. Acrylic Cake Toppers

Custom acrylic cake toppers are perfect for modern and traditional wedding cakes. At My Wedding Reception Ideas, you can find acrylic toppers engraved with the bride and groom's initials, names, or wedding dates. These toppers, available in square, round, and heart shapes, provide a sophisticated twist to any wedding cake.
Our acrylic toppers are easy to store or display, featuring timeless and contemporary designs. After your wedding day, you can use your acrylic topper as a unique keepsake. They are highly durable and made of crystal clear acrylic 3/4th-inch thick. We also add photos to acrylic toppers for clarity and a smooth finish.

2. Monogram Cake Toppers

A monogram cake topper is a simple wedding cake topper that makes a bold statement and adds a personal flair to a wedding cake. You can choose a single letter; you and your partner usually share the last initial or decide to have multiple letters on your cake.
The best part about monogram cake toppers is that you can customize them to fit your wedding theme and style. At My Wedding reception Ideas, you can choose between two styles of contemporary silver monogram toppers. Find one that will best suit your cake today!

3. Bride and Groom Figurines

Classic bride and groom figurines make traditional wedding cake toppers and add a vintage touch to the wedding cake. A bride and groom cake topper with the couple embracing each other or standing side-by-side will genuinely be the highlight of your wedding cake.
The best part about wedding cake toppers, bride and groom, is that you can reuse them or pass them down as family heirlooms. They work particularly well with all-white wedding cakes or simple cakes decorated with a few fresh or sugar flowers.

4. Funny Cake Toppers

Are you looking for funny wedding cake toppers? You’ve come to the right place! Your wedding day must reflect your and your partner's personalities and interests. While still elegant, funny cake toppers are the perfect way to add a little whimsy to your special day.
At My Wedding Reception Ideas, you can find a variety of humorous wedding cake toppers. If you and your partner love comedies and laughing your hearts out, our funny cake toppers are the perfect accessories for your wedding cake. Choose between the following funny toppers to show you and your partner’s quirky side:
  • Baseball Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • Basketball Dream Team Bride and Groom Figurine Cake Topper
  • Bride & Groom Holding Picture Frame Wedding Cake Topper
  • Bride Dragging Groom to Altar Wedding Cake Topper
  • Bride Reaching for Her Star Figurine Cake Topper
  • Bride Rides Football Groom Piggy Back Wedding Cake Topper
  • Bride Tackles Rugby Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • Bride Wearing Grooms Pants Wedding Cake Topper Set
  • Bride with Lasso Western Cake Topper
  • Catch of The Day Ethnic Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • Catch of The Day Fishing Bride Catches Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • Cell Phone Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • Couch Potato Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • High Five Bride Wedding Cake Topper
  • High Five Groom Cake Topper
  • Hockey Player Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • Hollywood Glamour Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • Hooked on Love Fishing Groom Cake Topper
  • Kissing Bride Wraps Legs Around Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • Kneeling Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • Love Pinch Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • Main Squeeze Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • Number One Fan Cheering Bride Wedding Cake Topper
  • Princess Bride Kissing Frog Wedding Cake Topper
  • Race To The Altar Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • Soccer Player Groom Wedding Cake Topper
  • The Exasperated Bride Cake Topper
  • To Have and To Hold Bride Carrying Groom Cake Topper
  • Victorious Bride Wedding Cake Topper
  • Winter Bride Piggy Backs Skiing Groom Wedding Cake Topper

5. Bird Figurines

Bird personalized cake topper figures are unique toppers that allow couples to express their endless love for each other on their big day. If you are looking for a timeless topper that you can later use as an heirloom, choose the Mr. and Mrs. Porcelain Love Birds Cake Topper by My Wedding Reception Ideas.
Dove birds represent purity, joy, fidelity, peace, and a new beginning. Doves mate for life and work together every step of the way – from building a nest to feeding and protecting their young. They are a famous symbol of marriage and are incorporated into wedding ceremonies worldwide.

6. Personalized Cake Toppers

Are you looking for custom engraved cake toppers to showcase your individuality at your wedding? We’ve got just what you need! My Wedding Reception Ideas offers three types of personalized cake toppers that you can customize according to your liking.
Engraved with designs and monograms, our custom cake toppers are one-of-a-kind. When ordering a cake topper with us, you choose from various font styles, colors, and monogram options. We can also provide a customized Mr & Mrs cake topper for your big day.

Get Your Wedding Cake Toppers from My Wedding Reception Ideas Today!
My Wedding Reception Ideas is your one-stop-shop for personalized wedding cake toppers. Whether you want funny wedding cake toppers to show your humorous side on your big day or are looking for modern and sophisticated toppers, head over to our website and place your order today!