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7 Types of Personalized Napkins You Need At Your Wedding

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime momentous occasion. You must focus on the tiniest details to execute the perfect wedding for such an important day. You might have thought of the décor, cake, and cutlery.

However, a simple detail that can truly set the tone of your wedding decoration is the wedding napkins. Not only should they follow the same color scheme for the entire wedding, but you should also add a touch of personalization to them. Custom printed napkins for the wedding allow you to play with the styles and design of the napkin to achieve a unique one.

So, what are your options?

This guide walks you through the different types of personalized napkins you need to help you throw the wedding of your dreams.

Different Types of Personalized Napkins

There are various custom printed napkins for a wedding that you can choose from to serve multiple purposes. My Wedding Reception Ideas creates personalized napkins that are entirely tailored according to the theme of your wedding. Whether you are having an intimate ceremony or an outdoor party, we can create the most unique and stylish napkins.

Here are our top picks of the best type of napkins to choose from:

1. Cocktail Napkins

Wedding cocktail napkins are an essential item for the occasion if you plan to serve drinks, finger food, snacks, and dessert at your wedding reception. An open bar is pretty standard at weddings, so if you plan to have that at yours, consider getting cocktail napkins from My Wedding Reception Ideas.

Here, you can choose from various colors, designs, and sizes and then have your initials or text printed on them to make these wedding beverage napkins even more special.

2. Luncheon Napkins

Luncheon napkins are an essential wedding reception napkin since they have to be placed next to the dinnerware for each person or on buffets at rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, or the actual reception. You can get these personalized from My Wedding Reception Ideas by adding your design or monogram. You can also choose from various ply types.

3. Dinner Napkins

This is yet another must-have for every wedding reception. One dinner napkin should be provided for each guest. These from My Wedding Reception Ideas are soft, high-quality, and non-recycled

Dinner napkins that can be customized in color, design, letter style, and more.

4. Guest Towels

These are made from a thicker material and utilized by each guest in restrooms. You should consider getting guest towels from My Wedding Reception Ideas since they naturally exude luxury and can undoubtedly impress any guest. Make your wedding guest towels unique by personalizing them. Not to mention, you can also use these as hand napkins or dinner napkins.

5. Monogram Napkins

Nothing eludes more class and style than monogram napkins. When you personalize them based on your initials, they will certainly impress your guests. You can choose from a wide variety of custom monogram napkins from My Wedding Reception Ideas that you can use as guest towels, cocktail napkins, dinner napkins, etc. Whichever one you use, you should expect to get several made as the guests would undoubtedly want to keep using them.

6. Photo Napkins

Something you might rarely have seen at wedding receptions is photo napkins. And this is exactly why you should consider them having at yours. My Wedding Reception Ideas makes custom wedding reception napkins with the couple's photos.

These napkins are vibrant, unique, and quite versatile since they are perfect for any occasion. You can also add a custom text to the napkins, such as the bride and groom's names. This can also work as a wonderful keepsake from the wedding.

7. Linen-Like Napkins

Costing or purchasing linen napkins can be pretty expensive. Alternatively, you can instead consider linen-like napkins. They have the touch and feel of linen but are made from a disposable material, so they are much more cost-effective. You can use these napkins as guest towels, dinner napkins, or cocktail napkins.

These are highly absorbent, soft, and have a thick texture while being disposable. When you get these from My Wedding Reception Ideas, you can get them custom-made according to the text, color, style, and font design you want.

Final Words

Each wedding carries a different style. If you want a unique style for your wedding, consider getting personalized wedding napkins made from My Wedding Reception Ideas. These napkins are made of the highest quality, so they are soft to the touch and can be used in a myriad of ways.

Whichever type of napkin you choose, make sure you coordinate the color scheme with the rest of the wedding décor. Everything should blend well together to make your wedding stand out.