Personalized Acrylic Covered Wedding Guest Signature Keepsake Books

Acrylic Covered Wedding Guest Books

Acrylic Covered Wedding Guest Books

If you're planning your wedding, figuring out all the details for your reception is probably high on your priority list. As you pick a caterer, choose the perfect first dance song, and decide on your centerpieces, don't forget to purchase a guest book. Read on to get the answers to frequently asked questions about acrylic covered wedding guest books.

What Are Acrylic Covered Wedding Guest Books?

Wedding guest books with acrylic covers are much sturdier and more water-resistant than covers made of fabric, cardboard, or paper. Acrylic (or Plexiglass, sometimes called) is a type of clear, shatterproof plastic. Acrylic covers give your guest book the classiness of a glass cover without worrying about shattering your wedding memento. These covers are also insurance against your guests spilling their drinks as they write notes to you.

What Styles Are Available?

There are many different kinds of wedding guest books with acrylic covers. If you have a rustic or black-and-white theme, choose one that looks like a chalkboard. If you and your soon-to-be spouse love to see the world together, pick a guest book with a map sealed into the acrylic cover. You can also buy books with floral covers or ones that say your name.You can customize the cover with your name, last name, or initials no matter what style you pick. You can also add your wedding date. Include a personalized instruction page if you have something special you want your guests to write.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Guest Book?

First, keep your theme in mind. Most couples put their guest books on a table near the entrance to the reception. As a result, your guest book is one of the first things your guests will see; make sure that your tablecloth and decorations match it.

Next, consider how many guests you have. Running out of space means that not all your guests get to sign your book, but having too many extra pages at the end might be uncomfortable. Most guest books with acrylic covers have between 20 and 25 pages, and you can add more thanks to the books' design.

If you're looking for acrylic covered wedding guest books, check out the selection at My Wedding Reception Ideas. After reading through these questions and answers, fill out this form to learn more about guest books before your special day.