Engagement Photo Ideas, Tips and Tricks to Make Your Engagement Photos…Engaging
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Engagement Photo Ideas, Tips and Tricks to Make Your Engagement Photos�Engaging!

By Amanda Stout

Engagement photos are a great way to celebrate with your new fiancé and showcase the love you have for each other. This article outlines engagement photo ideas, tips and tricks to make your engagement photos engaging.

Engaged couple holding hands
Once a couple is engaged, the first thing they�re going to want to do is announce their engagement to others and celebrate �finally making it official�! Engagement photos are a great way to celebrate with your new fiancé and showcase the love you have for each other. Engagement photos can be used to announce your engagement in the newspaper or to send out announcements to friends and family. Your photos might also be used on save the dates, wedding invitations and programs. Your photos can be romantic, playful, edgy, sophisticated or a little of all!

Creating the perfect engagement photo session is easy. It�s all about picking a theme, making it about the location, making it personal and having fun! While wedding photos can be more serious and traditional, your engagement photos are a chance to have fun, be silly and be in love! Memorable and unique engagement photos are within reach with just a little plotting and planning!

Pick a Theme - While it isn�t necessary to have an obvious theme to your engagement photos it may make it easier and more fun if you have an idea or subject to base your photos on. The theme of the photos should represent the couple and their love for each other. The theme can relate to your interests or hobbies as a couple.
    • If you�re both book worms � consider the library for a fun photo shoot

    • Country couples can sport cowboy boots and flannels for their photos

    • Sporty couples may want to wear jerseys and toss around a football

    • The foodie couple can kanoodle in the kitchen for their pictures

    • The swanky downtown couple may want to take pics along city streets or building tops

    • Don�t forget props � Balloons, umbrellas and signs all make for playful pictures
Your engagement pictures should reflect your relationship and the things you like to do together. Now you don�t have to choose just one theme, select a couple and have fun with outfit changes too.

Make it Personal - Make your engagement pictures personal. The theme you choose can reflect on aspects of your relationship or certain things you have done together.
    • Reenact what you and your fiancé would consider the perfect date

    • Go back to the location of your first date

    • Have your photos taken at a favorite date spot (park, café, movie theatre)

    • If you plan to travel for your photos, consider going back to your first vacation spot or favorite weekend getaway

    • If you and your fiancé own a pet(s) together, include them for a few pictures
Make it About the Location - If choosing a theme is proving difficult or seems too gimmicky to you, consider making the cohesive element of your photos, the location. Choosing a beautiful or unique location for your photos is an easy way to tie them together and create an overall theme. All you and your fiancé have to do is stand there and be yourselves and let your love and the location work its magic! It�s an added bonus if the location you choose has special significance to you as a couple.
    • Focus on a natural landscape or a city skyline

    • Fields, gardens and wooded areas make for picturesque photos

    • State parks or nature preserves will offer many photo opportunities

    • Historic buildings can be beautifully classic

    • Bridges, buildings or monuments with unique or interesting architecture are winning locations

    • The beach is always a popular (and romantic) spot for engagement photos

    • For edgy couples - Consider places that you wouldn�t automatically think of, abandoned factories, graffiti covered buildings, train yards or old barns (Make sure these locales are safe before beginning your photo shoot)

    • Showcase the season � Fall foliage, winter wonderlands, or spring and summer landscapes can be the underlying theme to your photos. Choose a location that highlights your favorite time of year
Have Fun - Whatever the theme you choose or the location you pick for your engagement photos, the most important element to making your pictures engaging is to have fun! Having fun and being natural will really showcase how in love you are as a couple and result in magnificent photos. It may take a few pictures to loosen up and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Focus on each other and pretend the camera isn�t there. Play around with your engagement photo ideas and just bask in that awesome feeling of being in love and engaged! Say cheese!

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