5 Unique Ways to Seal Wedding Invitations
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5 Unique Ways to Seal Wedding Invitations

By Amanda Stout

Looking for an easy way to wow your wedding guests before they even get to your wedding? Consider sealing your wedding invitations in a unique and impressive way!

Couples are always looking for more ways to wow with their wedding invitations. What they don?t realize is the price of these flashy wedding invitations can rack up quite a hefty price. The more extravagant and intricate they are, the higher you pay! A great way to cut back on this particular cost is to go with a simpler or basic wedding invitation and then add some special touches of your own. Adding your own details will make your invitations unique and look expensive. One easy way to add that little something extra to your invites is to seal your wedding invitations in a unique way. Wherever you choose to get your invitations from surely offers different ribbons, stickers and etc. to seal with, but usually this involves an extra cost. Hit up your local craft store or search the net for a low cost provider. Putting a little effort into this project can save you money and result in a one of a kind creation that will impress any wedding guest! Read on for 5 unique ways to seal your wedding invitations.
  1. Stickers - Whether you have them custom made, make your own or buy them at the store, stickers are probably one of the easiest and most common ways to seal your wedding invitations. Have custom stickers made with the marrying couple?s name or monogram. Coordinate the color of the stickers to your wedding color scheme. The design and style choices available for your stickers are endless! Since you can have them custom made, it is likely that your guests will not have ever seen anything quite like it. Go elegant or quirky with your stickers, but make sure they fit the feel of your wedding. An elegant starfish or sand dollar sticker would be beautiful sealing an invitation to your destination beach wedding while a sophisticated monogrammed sticker would be appropriate for your formal black-tie affair. Choose a sticker with 3-D or textural elements for a really neat touch.

  2. Ribbon or String ? The recipients of your wedding invitations will feel so special when they receive their piece of mail, tied sweetly with a string or ribbon. A gleaming satin ribbon surrounding your invite exemplifies pure elegance. Choose a ribbon color to match your wedding color scheme. Consider layering more than one type or color of ribbon together for added appeal. Pairing different widths of ribbon together adds interest as well. Consider layering a thinner colored ribbon on top of a wide sheer ribbon for a smart look. If you prefer a more casual look, try tying your invitations with twine or raffia. This works well for a rustic fall or country wedding.

  3. Wax Seals add an old world elegance and sophistication to your invitations. This process may be a little more labor intensive than the above options, but it is worth it! A wax sealed wedding invitation preludes to the extravagant wedding that is ahead. Custom stamping tools can be designed and ordered for the purpose of creating wax seals. When creating the design you would like to use on your stamp, go with a simpler design that will stamp out clearly in the wax. An intricate design may not come through as nice. Consider using your monogram or a special symbol that represents your wedding theme.

  4. Natural Elements like dried leaves, pressed flowers, feathers and other natural fibers are wonderful additions to wedding invitations. If you are a nature loving couple or happen to be going with a natural theme to your wedding, this technique is perfect for you. Purchase or press your own flowers and attach them to the front of your invites. Cluster and layer them together for a blooming effect. If you don?t wish to attach them to the invites themselves, consider tying your invite with ribbon or twine and tucking a few flowers underneath. The same technique can be used with dried leaves for a fall wedding. The peacock color scheme for weddings is very popular right now. Your local craft store should carry faux peacock feathers that you can tuck into each one of your wedding invites.

  5. Brooches or Pins ? For an ultra-extravagant addition to your invitations, consider using vintage pins or brooches. If you are having a small and intimate wedding with a classy feel, send invites out adorned with sparkling vintage pieces attached. Scour local flea markets or antique stores for pieces you like. Wrap a wide satin ribbon around your invites and gather it in the middle with the brooch or pin. Simply lovely! Adding these brooches may require special envelopes and extra postage for your invitations. But if you don?t mind these extra challenges, go for it, you won?t be disappointed!
Whatever the style or design of wedding invitation you go with, seal the deal with a unique and beautiful technique! Remember the invitation is the very first taste your guests will get of what your wedding is going to be like. When executed correctly, the invitation will get your guest excited about attending your special day.

About the Author - Amanda is a writer and product developer for My Wedding Reception Ideas.com. My Wedding Reception Ideas specializes in personalized wedding favors, wedding accessories and wedding party gifts. You can find morehelpful wedding tips, advice and ideas from Amanda and other wedding experts here.