10 Guest Book Alternatives to Create a Fun, Unique Wedding Day Keepsake
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10 Guest Book Alternatives to Create a Fun, Unique Wedding Day Keepsake
By Amanda Stout

What type of guest book are you using at your wedding? What, you didn?t know there was more than one kind? There are a whole slew of new ways for your guests to leave their mark on your wedding day that you will no doubt want to revisit year after year! Here are 10 guest book alternatives that will impress your guests and create a fun, lasting memory of your wedding day.

Guest signature keepsake frameYour guest book is a special part of your wedding day that you won?t want to overlook. Long after your wedding is over you will be able to look back at all the names of family and friends that were able to share in the most special day of your life. Traditional guest books offer a place for your guests to sign their names and sometimes address. While this type of sentiment is nice, these guest books are sometimes tucked away after the wedding and rarely revisited. There are a whole slew of new ways for your guests to leave their mark on your wedding day that you will no doubt want to revisit year after year! Try an alternative to the traditional guest book with fun and creative twists. No longer do your guests only get to leave their names. It is now encouraged that everyone leaves a special message, piece of advice, memory or wish for the bride and groom. When your guests leave such special and thoughtful words, you and your spouse will surely want to revisit them many times after the big day. Consider looking over these sentiments every year on your anniversary! Some of these guest book alternatives are designed to be displayed in your home as art or decoration, so there is no way they will be forgotten. Read on for some great wedding guest book ideas!

1. Signature Frames offer a place for guests to sign their names and leave a short note for the bride and groom. These frames are usually designed to be displayed in your home after the wedding, either hung on the wall or in a special stand. The frames are elegant and artistic and can feature a wedding photo in the center or specially designed imagery or artwork. Many of the frames include personalized engraving of the bride and groom?s names and wedding date.

2. Wall Art can consist of posters, canvas or any type of artwork that your guests sign. Guests are encouraged to leave their names and a little note directly on the art. The art can be a special design that a friend or someone close to you has created or can be a meaningful piece of art that represents the bride and groom. Popular wedding guest book wall art includes imagery of a tree where guests sign along the branches or a large frame lined with paper hearts that each guest signs.

3. Signature Plates are a show stopping way to display your guest?s names and well wishes from your wedding. Have guests sign plain white plates with metallic paint pens in your choice of color. Arrange these plates, along with coordinating patterned plates on your wall in an artistic formation. This is a great way to utilize special antique or heirloom plates!

4. Wedding Wish Trees are a wonderfully whimsical way to display well wishes from your wedding guests. Place a decorative tree or vase of gathered branches at the entrance to your reception. Include leaf shaped cards or card stock, designed with ribbons to hang with. Your guests will write their 'wishes' or special messages to the bride and groom on these cards and hang them on your tree. This display makes for a beautiful decoration at your reception. After the wedding, the cards can be displayed in a keepsake book or album.

5. Note or Memory Box ? this idea is similar to the wedding wish tree except instead of hanging a card of well wishes on a tree your guests will put them in a special keepsake box. Display a note to your guests asking them to each fill out a card with a special message, memory or marriage advice on it. The cards will be kept safe in your keepsake box for years to come. On your anniversary or during hard times, review these well wishes with your spouse to remind each other of your love.

6. Thumbprint Tree - This unique guest book alternative can be displayed on your wall as art! A tree design artwork is accented by the thumbprints of all of your guests to mimic leafs. Use different colored ink for your guests to use and have them sign their name next to their thumbprint. Have the bride and groom?s names and wedding date included in the art. Have this piece framed and displayed in your home.

7. Conversation Starter Guest Book - These guest books are blank inside and each feature a different question on the cover. Place a book on each of your reception tables and then on each table setting place a pen with a ribbon attached that says: 'Don't forget to sign the booklet'. The front cover of each book features a different question regarding the marrying couple such as, 'What is your favorite memory of us?' and 'When did you know that we were meant for each other?' The questions can also gather advice from your guests by prompting them with such topics as, 'What is the key to a happy marriage?' and 'What should we name our kids?' By placing these booklets on your tables, you will help break the ice and get your guests talking and sharing about the one thing they all have in common, the bride and groom! These books will be a blast to review after the wedding.

8. Wedding Wish Stones ? Have each guest sign their name and a special wish or note on a smooth stone. Smooth beach or river rocks work well because of their flat surface and pretty colors. Make sure you use a pen or marker that won?t rub off or smear. After the wedding display the beautiful stones in a clear glass cylinder. One a rough day, reach in and grab a stone out and be uplifted by the love from your family and friends.

9. Signed Monogram Initial ? Use a large wooden decorative letter (the bride and groom?s last name initial) to have guests sign at the reception. Use a painted or embellished letter that you would display in your home. The bold letter can then be covered with all of your guest?s names and then hung on your wall at home or set up next to one of your wedding pictures.

10. Guest Book Photo Puzzle ? Have a custom wooden puzzle made for your wedding guests to sign. The front of the puzzle can be a large picture of the bride and groom (consider using an engagement photo). Each guest will get a puzzle piece to sign their name and a note on. Guests will sign the back of the puzzle piece without the photo on it. After the wedding, the bride and groom can take time to read each message as they put their puzzle together.

It doesn?t matter how you choose to capture the names and sentiments from your wedding guests, just make sure you do! Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you are sharing it with the most important people in your life. Let them feel special by leaving a note or advice for the happy couple. Odds are their advice will be helpful and their well wishes will make you smile. How bad can that be?

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