Top Wedding Napkin Folding Techniques, Styles and Instructions
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No Nonsense Napkin Folding� Top Wedding Napkin Folding Techniques, Styles and Instructions
By Amanda Stout

Details, detail, details! When planning a wedding and organizing a reception one becomes very familiar with the word details. Ask any bride who is planning a wedding, every little detail matters�.including how the napkins are folded on the reception tables. A uniquely folded napkin decorating each place setting can be a topic of conversation for your guests and not to mention, give a stunning overall appearance to your reception hall.

Now some napkin folds can seem a little intimidating, but don�t worry folding a napkin can be as easy as tying your shoe. Really, I�m not kidding! A complicated napkin fold is no more than a few steps away. It�s all about deciding what type of napkin fold is right for your event and then finding a good resource with step by step instructions.

When deciding what type of folded napkin is appropriate for your reception, there are a couple things to keep in mind. While they might look a little out of place at a backyard BBQ type reception, folded napkins are best for a formal a sit-down dinner. As each couple�s reception will have a different level of formalness to it, so can the napkin folds that are featured. Whether using paper or cloth napkins, there is a style of napkin fold to fit the feel of any reception.

The �No Nonsense Napkin Folding� article series - by My Wedding Reception Ideas - will include 4 articles highlighting different styles and techniques for wedding napkin folding. Read on to see a breakdown of the super-informational articles to come.

� Casual Elegance- For a casual brunch or luncheon reception, a more simplified napkin fold may be appropriate. Silverware pouch folds and napkin roll style folding may suit this type of event best. Even though these folds are less intricate than others, they are still very elegant and appealing. This article will feature napkin folding ideas for a casual reception.

� Fancy Pants � If you are looking for a real show-stopping napkin fold for your super formal wedding reception, than this article will be perfect for you. Intricate and interesting, these napkin folds may look complicated, but are easier to create than you think.
� Your Cup Runneth Over � A special style of napkin folding is designed to showcase your napkin within a cup, glass or goblet. These napkin folds can be appropriate for both formal and casual receptions and add major interest to your tables.
� Paper Works Too � Not everyone will be using cloth napkins at their wedding reception. Many of the napkin folds done with cloth napkins can be utilized with paper napkins just as well. This article will include tips and techniques for folding paper napkins for your wedding.

For those of you that simply cannot wait to get started on your napkin folding, here is a link to Luigi's Art of Napkin Folding , a how-to video by the Maestro of Napkin folding and author of 'Luigi's Language of Napkin Folding'. Stay tuned for the next article installment of �No Nonsense Napkin Folding� � For Casual Weddings.

About the Author - Amanda is a writer and product developer for My Wedding Reception My Wedding Reception Ideas specializes in personalized wedding favors inlcuding wedding napkins for wedding rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, engagement parties and other special occasions. You can find morehelpful wedding tips, advice and ideas from Amanda and other wedding experts here.