Casual Elegance – No Nonsense Napkin Folding for Casual Weddings
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Casual Elegance � No Nonsense Napkin Folding for Casual Weddings
By Amanda Stout

Napkin folding is one of the many little details that will need to be addressed when planning your wedding reception. This detail may seem insignificant, but a tastefully folded napkin can really enhance the look of your reception tables and the venue overall. The first article in the 'No Nonsense Napkin Folding' set introduces napkin folds tailored to your casual wedding reception or event.

You may think that the use of folded napkins at your tables is stuffy and too formal for your event. There are several styles and techniques of napkin folding that are specifically appropriate for a more casual wedding reception. While it may not be fitting to use delicately folded cloth napkins at a backyard BBQ wedding reception, it can be fitting to use folded napkins at other types of casual receptions.

Casual brunch or luncheon receptions would be the prefect settings to feature a more simplified napkin fold. Just because the napkins aren�t intricately folded does not mean they can�t be elegant. A neatly folded napkin at each place setting will create a unified and professional look to your receptions tables.

There are several napkin folds that are easy to create and would fit perfectly into your casual reception. We have come across some excellent resources with step by step directions to accomplish the simplest to the most intricate of napkin folds. Read on for descriptions of select casual napkin folds and follow the links to instructions on how to create them.

The Simple Lunch Fold or Pyramid Fold is one of the most common of napkin folds. It is super easy to create and gives off a very elegant and classy appearance. This fold can be created easily with nearly any type of napkin. For this type of fold, place each of the folded napkins directly on the plate at each setting. If you are having a buffet meal, place the napkin directly on the table at each setting. *Helpful tip, if the napkin you are using is a too limp, iron it with a little starch before folding. Click here for step by step pyramid napkin folding directions from Napkin Folding

Silverware Pouch Folds are simple and functional. They hold your silverware together and create a neat and tidy appearance to reception tables. Silverware pouch folds can range from plain and simple to intricate and decorative with just a few extra steps. Silverware pouch or pocket folds are perfect for buffet meals. The pouches can be placed in a basket at the beginning of the buffet for guests to grab and go! Click here for step by step napkin pouch folding directions from Napkin Folding

Napkin Roll Folds are probably the most basic of all napkin folds. These types of folds can just consist of the napkin or may contain the silverware inside. Silverware napkin rolls are appropriate for buffet dinners and casual backyard receptions, where the setting is very casual. Napkin roll folds are also a great way to showcase a napkin ring or other decorative element. Tie in your wedding theme with a flower or other decoration surrounding your napkin roll. Click here for step by step napkin roll folding directions from Napkin Folding

While your venue staff or catering company will surely know how to create these folds, it is always helpful to show them a picture of the look or style of napkin fold you are wanting. They can duplicate it for you on your wedding day. These casual napkin folds are also appropriate for other wedding related festivities such as bridal showers, bridesmaid luncheons or the day after the wedding farewell brunch.

If a more intricate and eye catching napkin fold is what you are looking for, stay tuned to the next article in My Wedding Reception Idea�s article set, 'Fancy Pants � No Nonsense Napkin Folding for Formal Weddings'.

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