Fancy Pants – No Nonsense Napkin Folding for Formal Weddings
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No Nonsense Napkin Folding for Formal Weddings
By Amanda Stout

Are you planning a super formal wedding reception? What is it that will make your wedding reception stand out from the rest? Is it the lighting, the dinnerware, the floral arrangements? While all of these elements can add up to an elaborate and memorable event, one sure way to up the formalness of your reception venue is to accent your tables with beautifully folded napkins. A fancy napkin fold can create a look of elegance and professionalism to each guest table and to the room overall. The second article in the 'No Nonsense Napkin Folding' article series introduces napkin folds tailored to your formal wedding reception or event.

Evening and dinner receptions are the perfect locale for a fancy place setting and napkin fold. Accenting a fully decked out place setting with an intricately folded napkin is like putting the icing on the cake. It just adds that finishing touch that will wow your guests. While a fancy napkin fold may look intricate and complicated, it may be easier to create then you think.

Intricate and interesting, your fancy folded napkins can be a conversation starter for your guests. As they sit down to their table, an eye catching napkin fold can get guests talking. The more unique the better! We have combed the net for the best resources and step by step directions for creating the most fabulous of napkin folds! Read on for a selection of show stopping napkin folds to take your reception from average to amazing! Follow the links to instructions on how to create them.

While Diamond Napkin Folds may look complicated, they are surprisingly easy to create. This layered beauty can be created in less than a minute! Because of the layered creases, a limp napkin works best for a diamond fold. If using a stiffer napkin, press with an iron in between steps. A flatter appearance allows the diamond effect to become more visible. This fold looks great with solid, colored napkins gracing a white dinner plate. Click here for step by step directions from

The French Napkin Fold may be one of the easiest folds out there. But there is something about the effortless folds in this napkin that create a wonderfully elegant effect. Oh so sophisticated and undoubtedly classy, the French napkin fold can be created in only three steps! Drape this beautiful napkin fold over plates at your sit down dinner reception and your guests will be saying 'Oh l� l�'! Click here for step by step directions from

The Rosebud Napkin Fold is a simply lovely fold that packs a striking impression. The rosebud fold works best with a stiff napkin. Use starch and an iron to stiffen up limp napkins and to set-in creases between steps. This fold is a little more intricate than the above folds but the extra effort is worth it! The fold resembles a rosebud just beginning to bloom. After the napkin is folded it will stand up majestically on each dinner plate. Click here for step by step directions from

These folds are only a small selection of the types of fancy napkin folds available that would be fitting for your formal wedding reception. When you come across a style of fold you like, show a picture of it to your catering staff or event hall coordinator. More than likely they are familiar with the fold and can duplicate it for you on your wedding day.

Another option for folded napkins at your formal event is to showcase a special napkin fold within a cup, glass or goblet. This stunning type of napkin folding can give an impressive effect to your reception tables by adding height and interest. Stay tuned for the next installment of My Wedding Reception Idea No Nonsense Napkin Folding� article set with, �Your Cup Runneth Over�, a special article featuring napkin folds that are featured within your drinkware.
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