Hawaii Wedding Services and Places in Kauai Hawaii
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What Else Can Be Said About Hawaii?

By Lauren Blaine

Hawaiian sunsetBeautiful beaches, amazing vistas and lava rock mountains. The rich history of Hawaii is lush with romance and tradition.

No wonder Hawaii is the top honeymoon destination around the world, and Hawaiian weddings are on a steep rise. The state issued 7,200 marriage licenses to mainland couples in 1994. That grew to 16,168 last year, nearly twice as many as were issued to Hawaii residents.

If you are planning to marry in Hawaii you will need to secure a marriage license. This must be done in person when you arrive in Hawaii. The good news is that there is no waiting period and no blood test is required.
Maui is probably the most popular Hawaii wedding destination. The island is dominated by the massive dormant volcano Haleakala, house of the sun, from whose peak the ancient Hawaiian demigod Maui snared the sun and slowed its journey across the sky.

The Beautiful Rainbow State - When moisture and sunshine meet and intermingle, the magical phenomenon of a rainbow occurs. Hawaii is known as the Rainbow State because this magic occurs daily, all over the islands. Imagine those beautiful rainbows over the crest of the mountains or bridging the sea and the land.

Hawaii�s oldest traditions, combined with the modern-day influx of every different culture, combine to be as varied as the rainbows themselves. While your ceremony might be traditionally Hawaiian in nature, your reception can bridge the South Pacific with a traditional mainland experience.

The Best Way to Plan the Best Wedding - Wedding planningin Hawaii is best done with a local wedding planner. This person will know all of the best spots and the most unusual and exotic locations for your ceremony and reception. For example, on Kauai, you could be married on Lumahai Beach - North Shore. Scenes from the movie South Pacific were filmed here. Just a five-minute hike down from the freeway, you could get married on one of the most famous beaches in all of Hawaii; dramatic and spectacular.

Whether your location is expansive or intimate, all of Hawaii is breathtaking. Getting the help of a professional Hawaiian wedding planner will help make your special day all that you dreamed of � including stress-free.