Wedding Favor Ideas for Newlyweds Changing Addresses
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Wedding Favor Ideas for Newlyweds Changing Addresses
By Ray Miller

Share the bride and grooms new address with family, friends and wedding guests with personalized wedding favors.

You�re getting married soon. After the honeymoon, either the bride or the groom may be changing their mailing address and phone number, or both the bride and groom will be moving into a new home together. After the honeymoon, you will surely want all of your family and friends to know your new address and phone number. The question is 'when will I find time to forward my new address to everyone and how will I do it?'

Consider personalized matchbooks or 'New Address' magnet favors for your wedding reception guests. Create personalized wedding matches with the bride and groom�s names and new address. We have a couple suggestions to help you decide how to display your custom text.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Parker
132 Park Avenue
Scranton, PA 22345

Our New Home!
John & Sue Riley
1245 Liberty Avenue
Anywhere, USA 12345

personalized address bookBe creative when choosing the wording for your address change wedding favors. Sit down together and brainstorm for catchy phrases or quotes that that are funny or poetic. Your only limit is your imagination.

Matchbooks can be placed at the cocktail or juice bar or at the wedding guest tables next to a votive candle holder. Ask your ring bearer or flower girl to pass out personalized 'New Address' refrigerator magnets during the reception. The best man or maid of honor can give each guest a magnet as they step up in line for the dollar dance. Be creative and have fun with your ideas!

Personalized matches and Save the Date magnets are both useful favors that everyone will be sure to take home with them and a creative and unique method of sharing your new address. By the time you get home from your honeymoon, you will already have mail with cards of congratulations in your new mailbox.

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