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Unique Party Invitation Ideas for the Holiday Season
By Allison Scott

The winter holiday season is quickly approaching and it is time to make the guest list and mail party invitations for your upcoming gala. This year, send family and friends unique party invitations they won�t soon forget.

Holiday snowman design save the date magnetThere is no need to wrack you brain any more. This article was written with you in mind to shed a new light on those ancient invitations and provide a fresh and modern way to tell friends and family to �save the date� for your party extravaganza with personalized save the date magnets.

Save the Date Magnets as Invitations - Save the date magnets are a unique way to invite friends and family to a Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year�s Eve, company gathering or any other party you can cook up. Forget those tired, worn out paper invitations. Save the date magnets are fun, functional, and practical. They are available in a variety of themes to coordinate with your personal style and just about any event you have in mind. Everyone needs a magnet in their life. What happens when paper invitations get sent out to guests? More than likely, they get thrown in a drawer and often forgot about, making them very ineffective. Measuring about the size of a standard business card, personalized save the date magnets create a one-of-a-kind keepsake that is functional, so, instead of being discarded or put in the back of your guests minds, they will be placed on their frig or filing cabinet, at home or in the office as a constant reminder of your special day, every day.

Thanksgiving Dinner Invites - Personalizing a save the date magnet will make your announcement both unique and memorable. Picture using a falling leaves magnet accented with the gorgeous gold, brown, red, and orange hues that make the fall season so beautiful. Print your very own custom message on your festive magnet inviting guests to join you at your Thanksgiving feast. Your friends and family will treasure receiving this one-of-a-kind invite intended only for them displaying your upcoming event.

Christmas Party Invitations - Looking for a way to invite guests to your Christmas or company party this holiday season? Imagine announcing your event in style with an icy blue, winter snowflake save the date magnet printed with your personal invite. For example; add a bit of whimsy to your custom message by printing �Something special is in the air, save the date for this winter affair, The Smith Family�s 7th annual Christmas gathering.� Don�t forget to include the date, time, and location of you event.

New Year�s Eve Bash Invites - Do you have an upcoming New Year�s Eve extravaganza planned? Use magnetic invites to ensure that your friends and family remember to save the date. Ring in cheers for the New Year with eye-catching party magnet designs, printed with a fun message, date, time, and location of your party. You are sure to have guests lining up at the door the night of your special event to see what other unique ideas you have in store for them.

Use your own photo - Want to add even more of a personal touch to your invitation? Have your own photo and custom message printed on a save the date magnet. This is such a creative way to announce your special event. Nothing says custom made like your very own photo and words straight from the heart. Use a photo of you and friends either sitting around the dropping ball on New Year�s Eve or around a Christmas tree surrounded in presents to create the ambiance of your upcoming holiday event. Personalize the photo magnet with your own special invite message to family and friends.

Whether it is to announce your upcoming Thanksgiving feast or to invite guests to your New Years Eve bash or company party, holiday save the date magnets are sure to be a huge hit among your friends and family. Nobody wants to announce their party in a way that is overdone or boring. With these one-of-a-kind magnetic invites, you will never have to worry about your party being overlooked or forgotten. Your unique invitations are sure to stand out in the crowd and you will have created a custom keepsake that is not only multi-faceted but also a keepsake that your friends and family will be able to cherish for years to come.