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Instructions for Folding Personalized Bow Top Favor Boxes

Learn how to easily put your personalized bow top favor boxes together with these step-by-step instructions. No tape required. All you need are the boxes and some candy to finish this project.

Step 1Step 1: We suggest hosting a box folding party and inviting about 2 family members or friends to help, assigning each member with a folding duty.

One person should be in charge of creasing the boxes (Step 2). One in charge of assembling the base and sides (Step 3 and 4). The last person will be in charge of stuffing your boxes with candy and closing the boxes (Step 5).
Step 2Step 2: Lay a box face down. Each box will have pre-scored lines where the boxes should be folded.
Begin creasing each side inward along these lines so your box will easily fold together (shown left).
Step 3Step 3: With your box creased, pull together each long end of the box. Your box should now start to take form.

Insert the triangle shaped tab into the opposite slot to secure (shown left).
Step 4Step 4: To secure the bottom of your box, first fold the long end that has the rectangle shaped cut-out inwards.

Next, fold in each short side of the box until the tabs click into place.

To finish, tuck the last side into the box to secure (shown left).
Step 5Step 5: Stuff your box with candy and assorted treats. To close, gently pull the top of your box in opposite directions until the pre-cut slits line up (shown left).

Once lined up, push the two pieces together until the top forms a bow.
Personalized Bow Top Favor BoxYour finished box should look similar to the one shown left.

We selected an elegant monogram with a thank you message from the bride and groom for our personalized bow top favor boxes to create a beautiful favor your guests will love.