Burlap Bow Card Holder (Set of 6)
These rustic burlap bow cards holders are a simple yet appealing way for you to arrange your seating. These versatile card holders can be used in almost any occasion, be it a country or rustic chic theme wedding or even for your family holiday party. These holders are made from a durable wooden cube that features a slit on the top to allow a card to be place inside and attached to the front of this cube is a burlap bow with a lace overlay. These holders are durably made so you can get the most out of them by using them for multiple occasions.

Sold in sets of 6 these enticing place card holders measure 1 3/4 inches wide by 1 1/3 inches tall, with a thickness of 1 1/3 inches. The insertable cards measure 2 inches wide by 1 1/3 inches tall, and are made from kraft paper. To add an extra rustic feel decorate your head reception table with a burlap and lace table train. These burlap bow card holders have a minimum quantity of 8 sets (48 card holders).

Burlap Bow Card Holder (Set of 6)

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