Imprint Placement Options for Personalized Napkins
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Imprint Placement Options for Personalized Napkins

Choose from 7 different print placement options for your personalized cocktail and luncheon napkins. Create your own look with personalization printed on a traditional diagonal or square orientation. Choose from more contemporary layouts for a unique look with placements like bottom centered, flush right and flush left.

All napkin orders are printed using our standard Lower Diagonal placement unless otherwise specified. To change print placement, simply select the print placement option of your choice in the Napkin Placementdropdown menu on personalized napkins order pages.

Standard Placement
Standard Diagonal napkin print placement
Lower Diagonal
Centered Diagonal napkin print placement
Center Diagonal

Square Effect napkin print placement with Ampersand or Design in Corner
Right Corners
Bottom Centered napkin print placement
Bottom Center
Bottom Flush Right napkin print placement
Bottom Flush Right

Top Center
Horizontal Centered napkin print placement
Center Horizontal