Top 10 Creative Wedding Invitations
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Top 10 Creative Wedding Invitations
by Jenna Hughes

If you are like many new brides and became engaged over the year-end holidays, you may be shopping around for creative ways to invite your guests to your main event later this year. Each couple is unique, so with this in mind we searched for invitations that were like nothing we had ever seen before and put together a list featuring ten of our favorites. True, this means some of them are a little over the top and others are simply out of this world. Understandably, you may not want to go the whole nine yards with your invitations due to a smaller budget or a more simplistic style. Our intent is to inspire you and hope that you find elements of these invitations that you can pull into your own for a one of a kind look!

Mini View Master Invitations to Inspire Nostalgia
We're starting our list off with our favorite and most ingenious wedding invitation on our list. For this invite, the wedding details can be viewed on separate slides through the lens of a mini View Master. These adorable invitations were found in the Etsy shop MelangerieNYC. You can also create your own full size version at Studio 3D.
Record Album Replicas for the Music Lovers
These clever invitations mimic album covers from the days of vinyl records. As an added bonus, they also feature a mix cd covered with a label that has been styled to recreate the look of a vinyl record. These little lovelies can be found on Etsy, from Guest List Design. You could also create these DIY style with digital vinyl CD-Rs by verbatim and some creative crafting.
Film Canisters for the Photography Lovers
These invitations were created by Larissa and Trevor from Ambient Studios, a photographer couple, who perfectly captured who they are along with giving their guests a unique experience. We love this non-traditional idea. We also adore the idea of guests getting a package in the mail instead of a flat envelope.
Printed Linen for a Soft Touch
These printed linen invitations leave one with a softer, more romantic feeling than their rigid cardstock counterparts. You can find them on Etsy, from Artful Beginnings or you can make them yourself with this helpful how-to from Off Beat Bride.
Burlap and Cameo Themed for a Vintage Vibe
For all you vintage loving brides, these Burlap and Cameo invitations are a perfect fit. Found on Hi-Fi Weddings, these invitations feature a burlap covered casing and open up like a book to reveal two pockets for holding the actual wedding stationary. Victorian style cameos accent the outside for the pi�ce de résistance!
Boxed Pinwheels for the Children at Heart
Imagine opening a beautifully boxed wedding invitation suite to find the delightfully whimsical surprise of a pinwheel inside. This type of invitation, featuring a vintage hot air balloon design, has a nostalgic look that immediately transports you to cherished childhood moments. Guests receiving such a lovely invitation will be looking forward to a fun-filled evening, celebrating the love of a playful couple who can appreciate romance but aren't taking themselves too seriously.
Art Deco Self Mailers for the Modern Couple
This invitation design, created by The Hungry Workshop, is more simplistic then the rest of the designs on our list. Unlike some invitation suites - that include numerous cards, envelopes, and lots and lots of paper - these art deco inspired invitations are entirely self-contained and consist of just one simple piece of handsomely designed and cut cardstock. The lack of excess in this design makes it the more economical and earth friendly option.
Love is Brewing for the Coffee Lovers
These warmly toned invitations remind us of perusing the menu at our favorite coffee house. They are sleek and sophisticated, yet still friendly and inviting. The adorable mini coffee sacks that accompany them are what make this set really stand out for us. Even better, they were sprayed with coffee oil so they smell delicious! These particular invitations were handmade for a bridal shower, but the concept could easily be used for your wedding. For more information, head to the check out the designer's blog at
Printed Handkerchiefs for the Sentimental Types
It is always a good idea to bring a spare hankie to a wedding. There will, no doubt, be eyes that need drying as the happy couple says I do. These invitations conveniently include a handkerchief that has been printed with a map directing guests to the wedding. This instant keepsake is as wonderful as any favor, giving a piece of your big day even to loved ones who won't be able to attend. These 'hankermaps' and the coordinating invitation sleeves were created by Kelli Anderson.
Wood Veneer for a Rustic Look
Last, but not least, on our list is the wooden wedding invitation. Yes, you read that right. This stunning invitation is printed on real wood veneer. The Oberon invitation suite, by Akimbo, was inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and will set the mood for your rustic or nature themed wedding to come.

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