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Damask Design Wedding Favors

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Damask favors will add the rich patterns of damask to your wedding reception or party. Damask is a firm, lustrous patterned fabric normally made of silk, linen, cotton, wool, or rayon. The fine fabric features ornate patterns that are raised on both sides of the fabric. For centuries, damask was considered a status symbol as it was used only by royalty and as ceremonial garb.

Today, damask has made a decisive return to popularity in many cultures around the world. The unique patterns are incorporated in materials for everything from high-end furniture to upscale attire. Many couples are incorporating the trendy damask design into their wedding attire and decorations. Now your wedding reception can display the intricacy and appeal of damask with damask favors, featuring a variety of patterns that embellish thank you favors and keepsakes including:
  • Favor boxes
  • Votive candle holders
  • Glass drink coasters
  • Useful keepsake favors
Your guests will be thrilled to discover these ornate and functional thank you favors at their seating arrangements when they arrive at your wedding reception or party.