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Need favor boxes for your kitchen themed shower or wedding favor? Dressing up your 2 inch square boxes is easy as pie with this tuturial.

You will need:
2 x 2 Favor Boxes (don't have them? click here to order)
Sticker Printing Paper
Cardstock (white)
Clear tape or glue

Step 1

Print out the following PDF files. Each favor wrap sheet will create 5 wraps and must be printed on cardstock. Each sheet of labels will create 9 labels printed on sticker paper.

Step 2

Cut along the edges of the favor wraps and square labels. A paper slicer works well for straight cuts. Get creative and use scallopped edged scissors for a more frilly look.

Step 3

On the unprinted side of each favor wrap place a pencil line to mark 15/16 of an inch, 3 inches, 5 inches, and 7 1/16 of an inch. These measurements will only work for the 2 x 2 boxes shown. If you are using a different box, you may need to experiment.

Step 4

Create a crease at each pencil line by folding the wrap. This just helps you fold the wrap around the square boxes.

Step 5

With the unprinted side still facing down, place your filled favor box on the wrap between the 3 and 5 inch marks. It is very important that your favor box be filled with the lid closed. We will be sealing it up in the next step.

Step 6

Fold each side of the wrap up and over so that they meet in the middle on top of the box. Secure with tape or clear glue. They may not meet up exactly. Don't worry, we will be covering them with the labels.

Step 7

Remove the backing from the square 'Made for you' favor label and center it on the lid of the box. Smooth out the sticker label.
VOILA! Your boxes are wrapped and ready to go!

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