5 Easy Party Appetizers
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5 Easy Party Appetizers
by Jenna Hughes

Planning a party? We've collected 5 of our favorite appetizer ideas just for you! Each one is easy and fast - not to mention delicious! These recipes are all intended to be served as individually sized portions that can be hand held and carried around the room as your party guests mingle. Just set out some personalized cocktail napkins and your guests can grab their food on the go, with plates being optional. To keep guests moving, you can set up your appetizers and signature drinks at different stations around the room.
Seven Layer Dip and Chips

This is a fairly traditional appetizer, but what makes it new and fun is the presentation of the dip and chips in individual containers. Plastic tumblers make the perfect dipping cups and can even be personalized to match your party theme. The adorable chip bags shown here are made from parchment paper. Simply fold and fill! The tutorial can be found here, courtesy of DIY Louisville.

Image Credits: Seven Layer Dip Cups from The Girl Who Ate Everything, Chip Bags from DIY Louisville
mini seven layer bean dip cups and individual chip bags

Veggie Tray Make-Over

Everyone loves fresh vegetables and dip at a party. Again, like the chips and dip it is a typical party food that can be jazzed up by serving the veggie sticks in shots of dip. This serving method also prevents the dreaded double dip. You can also get creative with the vegetables you offer. Try pea pods and sliced peppers along with your standard carrots, celery, and cucumbers. You can also take a cue from Martha Stewart and offer your veggies and dip in little hollowed out baguettes like the crudités shown here.

Image Credits: Baguette Crudités from Martha Stewart, Veggies and Dip Cups from Pickles And Cheese Blog
mini veggies and dip cups

Pasta Salad Skewers

Serve your pasta salad on a stick to enhance the individual flavors of the salad. Large cooked noodles, like the tortellini shown here, are the perfect bite size. Add cherry or grape tomatoes and chopped peppers to complete the skewers. Be sure to mix everything in your favorite seasoning before assembling the skewers to get the full flavor of a pasta salad.

Image Credit: Pasta Salad Skewers from Babble Family Kitchen
pasta salad skewers

Cucumber Ranch Delights
These delightfully cool and crunchy appetizers are simple to make and always a crowd pleaser. Begin by slicing baguettes and toasting them in the oven on a shallow cookie sheet. Mix cream cheese and ranch dressing mix to spread over the toasted bread and top with a slice of cucumber. This treat is like eating the best parts of a salad in one delicious bite.
Image Credit: Cucumber Ranch Delights from Lulu the Baker
cucumber ranch appetizers

Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomatoes

Serving your favorite chicken salad recipe in a hollowed out tomato is a healthy option that you can whip up quickly and easily. Served cold, these chicken salad stuffed tomatoes are refreshing on a hot day, making them perfect for picnics. They can be made with either medium sized tomatoes or cherry tomatoes for bite sized treats. If you are careful to make your chicken salad with low-fat ingredients, these appetizers can have a gourmet appeal that is also waistline friendly. This dish is the perfect contribution to your next work potluck or church luncheon.

Image Credits: Sources Unknown
chicken salad stuffed tomatoes

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