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Everything About Wedding Cake Toppers That No One Tells You

By Ray Miller

Back in the day, wedding cake toppers were a traditional and uniform addition to wedding cakes. They all looked the same, with a bride in a white gown and a groom in a black tuxedo. However, today, in the age where creative possibilities are endless, they require much thorough consideration.

You can easily get custom cake toppers made that look like the bride and groom, their favorite characters, reflect their personalities, have monograms, and so much more. It’s safe to say that these cake toppers have come a long way from their generic porcelain or plastic structures.

If you are opting for a cake topper for your wedding, there are a few factors you need to consider. Keep reading as we run you down on each of them.

Get Your Wedding Cake Topper After You Order Your Cake

You need a cake topper that compliments not just the design of the cake but also its size. If you order a cake topper before knowing the size of your cake, then there’s a chance that the cake topper might be too big and not fit the small top tier of the cake.
Moreover, once you know the color scheme of your cake, you will also be able to decide what sort of colored cake topper you want. You need one that goes with the cake's overall aesthetic and color scheme. You can work with your cake designer, who can specifically tell you what you should get made for your topper in terms of your wedding cake.

Don’t Get Plastic Cake Toppers

If you are on a tight budget, you might be tempted to simply get a plastic cake topper since they are readily available, convenient, and cheap at all stores. However, this might ruin the entire aesthetic of your wedding cake. You need a cake topper that is as exceptional as your wedding cake.

This is why it is best to use cake toppers made from a suitable material, unique, and have never been seen before, such as custom cake toppers. This may cost more, but it will definitely turn your entire cake into something wonderful.

Consider The Timing

If you are getting a personalized cake topper or one made of acrylics or wire material, you need to consider timing. Such cake toppers take a few weeks to be prepared, and if they are custom-made, they will take longer. It might take several weeks if you order your cake topper during popular wedding days.

This is why you should order your cake as soon as possible and order the cake topper immediately after. Take into consideration the delivery time as well.

Think About What You Will Do with the Cake Topper

Once the cake is cut and served, give the cake topper to a close family member or friend for safekeeping. After the wedding, you can do tons of things with your wedding cake topper to get the full value of your money.

For example, you can use it as decoration for your house, keep it in a wedding box with the rest of your memorabilia, keep it for your future generations, or re-use it for future occasions.

Types Of Cake Toppers

You can choose several types of cake toppers depending on your needs, budget, and the type of wedding cake you have. They include:

1. Personalized Cake Topper

You can decorate your wedding cake as precisely as you want in terms of color, design, and even your cake topper. My Wedding Reception Ideas can provide you with high-quality cake toppers that are custom-made according to what you need.

2. Acrylic Cake Topper

These have been quite popular as they are simple, customizable, and elegant. However, acrylic cake toppers are delicate and fragile, which means that they will snap easily, so you need to be very careful when inserting them into the cake and handling the cake with this cake topper.

3. Wire Cake Topper

These are definitely sturdier than acrylic cake toppers and won’t break as easily. They include wires that are fashioned together to create figures or names. However, these have a slightly less formal look.

4. Ceramic Cake Topper

These are the more traditional types of cake toppers. They have an aura of romance, tradition, and elegance. Ceramic cake toppers are commonly given gifts or passed down from grandparents to the couple. They tend to be larger than normal cake toppers, so you need to work with your cake designer if you opt for a ceramic cake topper.

Wrapping Up

As you can tell, cake toppers are a vital part of weddings. This is why you should give them thorough consideration before you end up buying the one you want. You can browse your options at My Wedding Reception Ideas or get a personalized one made according to what exactly you want!