Foil Imprint Colors for Personalized Wedding Favors
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Foil Imprint Colors for Personalized Favors

Coordinating your custom printed wedding favors with your wedding dress or wedding reception colors is fast and easy with 46 foil imprint colors to help you choose the perfect imprint color for your wedding favors.
  • 14 Metallic Foil Colors - Metallic foils are stamped onto personalized favors leaving a smooth, shiny print that presents great contrast and a metallic shine when held at an angle in direct lighting.
  • 9 Satin Foil Colors - Satin foils are stamped onto personalized favors leaving a satin texture print that presents a dull sheen that is more subtle than metallic foils when held at an angle in direct light.

  • 23 Matte Foil Colors - Matte foils are hot-stamped onto custom printed favors and present a smooth, semi-glossy texture for a beautiful, rich imprint color that will not smear or bleed if exposed to water absorbed by a cocktail napkin for example.
Not sure which imprint color is right for you? Give us a call at 1-800-605-3415 for friendly assistance and we will be happy to help you.

Metallic Foil Imprint Colors

Metallic Aqua

Metallic Cerise

Metallic Copper

Metallic Gold

Metallic Green

Metallic Lavender

Metallic Mauve

Metallic Moss

Metallic Purple

Metallic Red

Metallic Royal Blue

Metallic Silver

Metallic Teal

Multi Color

Satin Foil Imprint Colors

Antique Satin

Periwinkle Satin

Bronze Satin

Emerald Satin

Fuchsia Satin

Peacock Satin

Platinum Satin

Plum Satin

Ruby Satin

Matte Foil Imprint Colors

Carnation Pink Matte

Charcoal Matte

Chocolate Matte

Cotton Candy Matte

Crimson Matte

Ebony Matte

Grape Matte

Hunter Matte

Ivory Matte

Merlot Matte

Pumpkin Matte

Raspberry Matte

Royale Matte

Shamrock Matte

Sky Matte

Sunburst Matte

Tropical Teal Matte

Very Navy Matte

White Matte

Yellow Matte

Please note that instances of foils peeling away from napkins or guest towels may occur when exposed to extreme environmental conditions like saturation combined with friction applied to a napkin or guest towel, created when drying wet hands for instance.

All foil imprint colors are FDA approved for use around food and drinks.