The Tradition of the Favors - What (and Who) Gives?
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The Tradition of Favors - What (and Who) Gives?
By Allison Bergstedt

Whether you are celebrating your wedding or throwing a special birthday party, favors are the perfect way to say 'thank you' to family and friends for helping make your day a special one.

Monogrammed bow top favor box with trufflesThe presentation of the favor is an age-old tradition that has evolved tremendously over the years. Let's face it. Your special day wouldn't be nearly as memorable or meaningful without all of your friends and family who traveled near and far to celebrate with you. And while favors may not be as crucial as say, the food or cake, favors are a wonderful way to say thank you to your guests adding to the memory of your special event; a detail that should never be overlooked.

When should favors be included in an event and by whom? Favors should be given to guests by the celebrated couple or individual. Favors are for any occasion that has been formally addressed through invitation. One rule of thumb to follow is if your guests will be showering you with gifts, best bets are that you should give them a gift in return. This gift will show your appreciation for their attendance. Whether you give one favor per guest or one per couple is completely up to you. Favors are meant to be a sign of your affection and do not need to measure up to any standards of etiquette. Here are a few tips and suggestions on when favors will be a good addition.

For your wedding - Wedding favors include items that will accent your wedding theme and delight guests. When choosing a favor, be original and pick a favor that is meaningful to you and your family and that won't break your budget. Personalized favors are an ever popular way to put your personal stamp on your wedding gifts. One favor idea great for any gender or age is the edible favor, whether it is grandma's favorite cookie recipe or miniature wedding cupcakes. Use custom printed cake slice boxes for the American tradition of the groom's cake. Personalized favor boxes or cake and candy favor bags add a personal touch to delicious treats for your family and friends.

For any occasion - Favors are not limited to the wedding reception only and are often used at birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversary parties, and many other popular celebrations. When selecting a favors for these events, make sure you take time to select a favor that fits within your theme and budget. For a sweet 16, consider giving guests a whimsical key chain in honor of that first great driving milestone. For a 25th anniversary, give guests a silver photo frame complete with a picture of the celebrated couple for a one-of-a-kind keepsake to be cherished or fill theme boxes with silver Jordan almonds for a unique twist on a traditional gift.