Large Personalized Paper Bags For Wedding | Wedding Guest Gift Bags

Large Wedding Gift Bags

Shop large 8 x 5 x 10 and oversize 16 x 6 x 12 personalized gift bags for wedding reception guest gifts and bridal party gifts. Custom printed with your choice of a design and up to 4 lines of text for a thank you message from the bride and groom, gift bags are an excellent way to thank out of town guests, family, and friends for celebrating your special day. Paper gift bags with twisted paper handles are available in a rainbow of colors to compliment your wedding decor. Semi clear poly plastic bags with handles are also available in a variety of colors. 

With destination weddings becoming more popular, another item added to a brides agenda my be ensuring their out-of-town guests are provided with all the comfort items necessary to make their overnight stay a pleasant one. Place a personalized gift bag on the vanity or nightstand of each hotel room, welcoming family and friends to your city and your wedding weekend. Fill each bag with bottled water and snacks or homemade treats. Maybe you want to add a little romance to your guests' wedding weekend. Try a scented candle, a small bottle of champagne with a couple of glasses and some fresh strawberries or other non-perishable fruit or snack. Use your imagination and be creative.

Plan to order enough gift bags so you'll have extra for presenting thank you gifts to the members of your wedding party during your rehearsal dinner.

'My fiance' wanted me to write in to say how much we enjoy the personalized gift bags. They look great and we could not be more delighted. Thank you and we will definitely recommend to friends.' ~ Pete

Large personalized paper gift bags