Wooden Puzzle Wedding Guest Signature Keepsakes

Wedding Signature Puzzles

Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Keep your wedding day fun and lighthearted with a Wooden Puzzle Wedding Guest Signature Keepsake. Instead of signing a traditional guest book, they sign a wooden puzzle piece when your guests arrive. After the wedding, you have a charming keepsake that can be hung on a wall or displayed on a shelf. It's a creative reminder of the friends and family who attended your special day.

Square Puzzles

These guest signature puzzles measure 21 inches by 21 inches. They are made of smooth MDF with a faux-wood finish. The surface is easy to write on with just about any pen type. Each has a central square that can be personalized with your information. There are 64 smaller puzzle pieces for the guests to sign. The options for square puzzles include:

  • Modern Couple: The central square has room for your name and wedding date in a bold, modern print typeface.
  • Signature Couple: This puzzle option can be personalized with your names and wedding date in a cursive style typeface.
  • Signature Script: The central square here features leaved branches framing your names as "Mr. & Mrs." along with the date in a cursive typeface.
  • Traditional Monogram: You can have your monogram and wedding date etched in the central square in a large typeface for a bold look.
Heart Puzzles

For something overtly romantic, get one of the heart-shaped guest signature puzzles. They are also made of a faux-wood finished MDF. They measure 20.25 inches in length and 20 inches in height. There is a central personalized piece and 65 smaller pieces for guests' signatures. You can choose from the following:
  • Classic Font: This heart puzzle features your new family name in a classic, clean typeface with your wedding date.
  • Simple Script: The central piece in this puzzle is personalized with your new family name in an elegant cursive typeface.
  • Traditional Monogram: Your monogram and wedding date in a bold typeface are at the heart of this puzzle.
  • Two of a Kind Monogram: You can put your first initials and wedding date in the central piece here.
With any of the puzzles, after the wedding is over, it's a good idea to use a little glue to make sure the pieces are secure in the frame.

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