Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Guest Book Alternatives

Find a Guest Book as Unique as Your Love

While there's nothing wrong with a traditional guest book, there are a wide variety of alternatives to choose from. That means you can find an option that fits your wedding theme and appeals to your and your partners' personalities.

Guest book alternatives can also serve as home decor. Many couples realize they're more likely to store a traditional guest book than look at it, defeating the purpose of having one in the first place. However, the right alternative can easily find a place on your mantel or another place of honor, reminding you of that special day every time you look at it.


There are so many details to track when planning a wedding. From flowers to seating arrangements, you have to carefully consider your options to ensure your special day is perfect. Among these many decisions is the type of guest book.

Create a Memory You Can Revisit Year After Year

Your guest book is more than a catalog of attendees; it's an opportunity for guests to express their well wishes. For many people, a wedding isn't just about two people making vows, but family and friends witnessing and celebrating their love. After all, there's a reason you didn't elope to Vegas—you want to share this one-of-a-kind day with the people you cherish.

Offering a guest book is a way to treasure the memory of that day and the people who celebrated with you. Years from now, you can look over these messages and relive the excitement and joy you felt as you bound your life to your partner's.

Choose From a Variety of Non-Traditional Guest Books

How do you know if a guest book alternative is right for your wedding? To find the perfect option, you need to think about what you want from the book.

If you want something readily displayed in your home, wooden monograms are a great idea. You can customize the color to match your decor.

Heart drop shadow boxes are another display-friendly option. Additionally, guests often enjoy the process of depositing their wooden hearts.

If you want as many photos of your wedding as possible, you can choose a Polaroid guest book. Guests can take pictures of themselves and each other, then include a sweet message on the back.

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