How the Love Letter Ceremony Works
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How the Love Letter Ceremony Works

Love Letter Wine Ceremony SetCelebrate your unity and forever seal your love after your wedding vows with the love letter wine ceremony set with personalized lock box. This love letter lock box is a time capsule to forever safeguard your wedding vows or love letters to each other to be revealed at a later date. How does the love letter ceremony work?

Before the Wedding:

The bride and groom use the included love letter stationery to write each other a love letter, telling them how much they mean to one another, what they love each other, and why they want to spend the rest of their lives with this person. The letters are then sealed in individual envelopes and place in the lock box letter sleeve.

After the Wedding Vows:

The officiate will give a short presentation on the meaning and use of the love letter box. Then the bride will hand her letter to the groom and the groom will hand his letter his bride. The couple will then place their letters in the box along with their favorite vintage, close the lid and together, turn the key to lock the box for safe-keeping.

After the Wedding:

The love letter box is only to be opened for one of two reasons. First, if ever the husband and wife are facing difficult times and questioning their marriage, they are to open the box, have a glass of wine or other beverage they chose to insert, and then read the letter written for them in privacy to reflect on the reasons they married many years ago.

The second reason to open the lock box is for an anniversary date the bride and groom may choose to reflect on the beginning of their marriage and life together.