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How to Decorate Wedding Dinner Table

Choosing the ideal place settings, table runners, and centerpieces for your wedding dinner tables is never easy. You need the right décor to go with your wedding theme and bring the venue together. Before you start investing in wedding décor, make sure to confirm with the venue whether they allow outside décor or not since museums, art galleries, and other such venues don’t allow you to bring any decorations. 

When decorating a wedding reception table, there are multiple things that you need to keep track of to achieve the look you want. Here’s everything you need to remember:

How to Decorate Your Wedding Tables

Wedding tables come in different shapes and sizes, including the more popular round and square ones. You can opt for rustic wooden tables or minimalist glass tables, depending on your theme. However, the true challenge is decorating the table in a way that reflects your wedding theme perfectly. 

Firstly, you will need the appropriate table linens, such as luxurious white silky linens or modern sequined or brocade tablecloths. Whichever tablecloth you choose will set the overall décor tone. You will also need the right place settings to go with the décor. Don’t choose place settings that clash with the cloth or go against your established theme. 

You will also need the ideal chairs, covers, sashes, and other small touches to transform the look of your tables. Additionally, you will need place cards, escort cards, and table numbers for your guests to find their place easily. Customized place cards will not only make a sit-down dinner easy but will also complement your décor. 

Let’s take a look at other wedding décor items you will need to use on your tables!

Décor for Your Wedding Tables

Here are some essentials and accessories you can use to decorate your wedding dinner tables: 

Glass Décor 


If you want your wedding tables to exude romance, opt for glass accessories. Glass is a chic and elegant material to work with in terms of décor. Incorporate globular, slender glass vases, and decorative bottles into your table décor. Use them to put candles, LED lights, feathers, flowers, crystals, or some other décor item that goes well with your overarching theme. These décor items will add some versatility to your wedding tables.  

Minimalist Centerpieces

Nothing says elegance more than minimalist centerpieces for wedding tables. Centerpieces are an integral décor component as they can make or break the entire aesthetic of your tables. If you choose disproportionately large centerpieces, they will be too distracting. On the flip side, simple wedding centerpieces, such as minimalist floral clusters in delicate vases, will make the right statement. So, think of how much space you have and choose a centerpiece that will look brilliant in that space.

Printed Wedding Cups

Personalized cups for weddings are always a huge hit. You can get shatterproof, frosted plastic wedding cups and personalize them with your initials, names, or even your wedding date. Your guests can use these cups for drinking soft drinks, beers, punch, and alcoholic beverages at your wedding. 

Personalized Napkins

If you want to add another personal touch to the wedding table décor, you can place high-quality, custom-printed napkins on the table. You can use these napkins to serve the wedding cake at the cake table as well. Make sure to choose napkins in a color that goes splendidly with your wedding theme and customize them by printing your initials or chosen monogram on them. 

Custom Wedding Koozies


Naturally, you will be serving a wide variety of cold beverages to your wedding guests. If you’re worried that these beverages will turn warm before you even serve them, you can use custom wedding koozies for them. You can choose tall and slim can coolers or flexible foam pockets for the beers you will serve to your guests. You can customize these coolers by choosing a color that resonates with your wedding theme and adding your initials and wedding date to them. 

Customized Table Runners

Customized table runners will act as the ideal accent pieces for your wedding tables. They will add the right dimension and character to your guest tables and will also make brilliant keepsakes that you can use in your home. You can either go for bold, colorful table runners or choose statement tablecloths. A bold color will certainly attract the eye, but customized table runners with your names or initials and the wedding date imprinted on them will add a personal touch to the table décor. 

If you want any help with your wedding table décor, get in touch with My Wedding Reception Ideas. We provide high-quality custom decorations for wedding receptions and other events as well. With our extensive wedding décor range, we can help you plan your dream wedding in no time!