5 Inexpensive Holiday Party Ideas
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5 Inexpensive Holiday Party Ideas
2011 December Newsletter
by Jenna Hughes
The holiday season is full of love, laughter, and excitement. It is the most wonderful time of the year, after all. We all love to decorate and dress to the nines and lavish our friends and family with thoughtful holiday gifts. We also all know that this merriment often takes a chunk of change from our pocket books. Yet entertaining friends and family during the holidays doesn�t always have to be expensive. Check out our top five holiday party ideas to rock around the Christmas tree on a budget!
Christmas Light Tour
This first party idea could be virtually free. Simply map out a route that takes you by the houses in your town with the best decorations. Print a copy for each guest and invite your friends to either walk the route or participate in a caravan of cars to drive along the tour and see all of the holiday lights. Afterwards, everyone can meet up for hot chocolate and conversation. This is a great activity for any age! Adults will be reminded of their childhoods while children will delight in the magical light displays.
Board Game Tournaments
Get out the board games! Board games gather everyone into a close circle where friendly competition inspires laughter and a good time to be had by all ages. Find vintage games at local thrift stores (or in your own attic) to get the older generation feeling nostalgic while entertaining the young with a game they�ve never played before. If you aren't into board games, you can get the same effect with card games. To get your guests up and moving, choose games like charades and twister. If your group is too big for everyone to play the same game, set out several for a tournament and offer the over all winner a door prize like an ornament or plate of fresh baked cookies.
Classic Holiday Movie Night
You know you can't go through the holiday season without watching your favorite Christmas movies. Who doesn�t love movies like �It�s a Wonderful Life� and �Miracle on 34th Street?� And what movie can't be made better by being watched in the company of your best pals? These holiday classics can be rented for free at your local library if you don�t already own them. You can either go big and project the movie onto a blank sheet or white wall, or make it cozy with pillows piled on the floor in front of the television set. All you need to do then is pop some popcorn and set out plenty of chocolate to enjoy your favorite holiday classic in a whole new way.
Gift Wrapping Extravaganza
Gift wrapping has a love-hate relationship with most of us. Invite your friends to bring their gifts and wrapping supplies over for a wrapping party. Sharing the chore will make it go by more quickly and give you all a good excuse to share a drink and the latest gossip! This is a good time to try out those fancy hand tied bows or create lovely tags for each gift.
Decoration Craft Night
Invite your friends over early in the season to create homemade decorations for everyone's homes. Collect music sheets, old book pages, wrapping paper, and colorful card stock to be wonderfully transformed into festive garland and ornaments. Free printable gift tags, cards, and party stationary are all easy to find on decorating and design blogs. Ask your friends to contribute supplies as well. You can also create beautiful ornaments from homemade salt dough and cookie cutters! And who could forget the traditional popcorn garland? String up some kernels and wrap them around a Styrofoam ring for a frilly white popcorn wreath. All of these options are inexpensive and are guaranteed to inspire the warm holiday fuzzies.

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