Wedding Napkins - 7 Important Locations They Will Be Needed at Your Wedding Reception Hall
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Wedding Napkins - 7 Important Locations They Will Be Needed at Your Wedding Reception Hall
By Ray Miller
Wedding napkins are a useful but often overlooked accessory to any wedding reception. Here are 7 important locations wedding napkins will be needed at your wedding reception hall to add comfort and style to your wedding day.
Monogrammed wedding napkin on dinner table place settingLocation #1: Cocktail or Refreshment Bar - Cocktail napkins are used to place under a beverage to absorb condensation or soak up a minor spill. The bartender will hand each guest a napkin with their beverage. Paper cocktail napkins are available in a wide range of colors to match your theme.
Location #2: Hors Doeuvres Table - Cocktail and luncheon napkins should be placed at the hors doeuvres table with the plates and utensils. Guests will normally pick up one or two napkins with their plate as they approach the hors doeuvres table for appetizers.
Location #3: Buffet Table - Buffet-style dinners are popular wedding reception venues. As with hors devours and appetizers, plates, utensils and napkins are placed at the beginning of the buffet table for guest to pick up as they approach. Luncheon napkins are typically used for buffets as they are larger than a cocktail napkin and smaller than a dinner-sized napkin.
Location #4: Dinner Table - When guests are being served a formal dinner at their table seats, dinner napkins should be placed with the silverware at each place setting. Dinner napkins can be folded with silverware placed on top of the napkins. Dinner napkins can also be wrapped around the silverware and secured with a napkin ring, decorative ribbon, or adhesive bands.
Location #5: Cake Table - The wedding cake table should be stocked with cocktail or luncheon-sized napkins to present with a slice of cake to each guest. Often, the napkins used at the dinner table have been discarded after the main course and guests will need another napkin when enjoying their cake.
Location #6: Dessert Table - Dessert tables can be arranged at the end of a traditional buffet or stationed in a different area of the reception hall. When providing desserts separate from a buffet it is a good idea to provide napkins for the same reason as the cake table. Guests will have used their dinner or luncheon napkins during the main course and will need a fresh napkin for their dessert.
Location #7: Bathrooms and Restrooms - The most overlooked location for adding a personal touch to wedding receptions and parties is the bathrooms or restrooms. While these areas typically have stocked paper towels or air dryers, disposable paper guest towels can be used to add a bit of color to the bathrooms and pamper your guests as well.
Wedding napkins are useful accessories that can add flair and character to your wedding reception. For a more personal touch, you can have your napkins personalized with a monogram or a design and several lines of text celebrating the bride and groom or thanking family and friends for attending your special day. Guests will admire your attention to detail and appreciate your thoughtfulness and careful planning throughout your wedding reception program.