April Bridal Showers...Bring May Wedding Flowers
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April Bridal Showers...Bring May Wedding Flowers

April Bridal Showers...Bring May Wedding Flowers

Spring is finally here and with it brings Mother Nature's way of celebrating the change of the season, rain! The perfect opportunity to tip our umbrellas and pay tribute to April Bridal Showers and all the tips you need to make yours picture perfect.

Plan and Prepare

Bride jotting down bridal shower to-do'sWhen planning and preparing for your bridal shower, first things first. Be sure to recruit friends and family members to help you. Traditionally, planning the bridal shower is part of the mother of the bride's (MOB) or maid of honor's (MOH) duties. While this may be tradition, it is not written in stone. You can still plan your own celebration. Always remember to ask for help when you need it.

Before the games and food, comes the guest list. Deciding on the number of people you will be inviting, makes the rest of your planning much easier. You hall rental should be the next thing to consider especially if you date is near a holiday or local event. The great part about bridal showers is the smaller number of guests that are usually invited. With a smaller guest list comes more opportunities for thinking outside of the box for your location. Consider a local garden or park, a friend's backyard, that gorgeous library you've been eyeing, or any other setting that conveys your personal style.

It's Party Time

Personalized 8 oz styrofoam cupsDuring your celebration, it's time for you to relax and enjoy the games, good food, and good company. To keep you guests entertained, you may want to incorporate 3 or 4 quick games into your party planning with prize giveaways for the winner. Some great game ideas are bridal shower bingo, wedding "price is right", and the newlywed game (put together by you MOH or MOB). For an easy way for guests to win prizes, consider writing a number or placing a sticker at the bottom of a plate or cup. The guest with the sticker wins an automatic door prize. Personalized 8 oz. styrofoam cups (shown left) are an adorable and custom way to pull this idea off. The perfect size for serving punch and coffee.

Say Thanks

Personalized bridal shower paper party favor bagsDon't forget to thank your guests. To say a special thank you to friends and family members for sharing in your special day, guest favors should be placed at each place setting. Bridal shower favors can be anything from gift bags or favor boxes filled with goodies to small keepsake items like tea caddies, candles, cookie cutters, or tote bags. Guest favors should be given during your event and are separate from thank you cards. Thank you cards are usually sent out a couple weeks after your event to thank any guests who gave you a gift at your shower. While it's not necessary to give you friends and family a favor, it is a nice tradition that will be appreciated by all you guests and will let them know you were thinking of them.

Bridal Shower Bingo

Bridal shower bingo card gameSimple and fun. This bridal shower bingo card game makes choosing your shower games a cinch. Each pre-printed game comes complete with 21 boards featuring wedding related designs. Designs that can be found on the cards include wedding rings, hearts, tuxedos, wedding cakes, and much more. Such an easy way to keep your friends and family laughing throughout your entire celebration. No printing or cutting needed. Just pass them out and start the fun. Learn more.

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