Newsletter - Spring Forward With These Wedding Ideas and Tips
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Spring Forward With These Wedding Ideas and Tips
by Allison Bergstedt

Spring wedding table settingLearn how to create this inviting spring table setting for your wedding. In just a few steps, you will learn how to prepare and pull off this gorgeous set-up.

When creating your dream table setting, start with a sketch or photo of how you would like your table to look. This will serve as a reminder and checklist for everything you need. Next, break down your table setting into checklist sections to shorten your list and to make purchasing your items more cost effective. Split your table in the base, decor, and place settings.

1) For your base - The base of your table includes all the linens for table including the tablecloth, napkins for your guests, table runners, and chair backs. The set-up shown left was put together using an antiqued table as the focal point with a simple red table runner down the length of the table to add separation to the table centerpieces. Pale blue linen napkins were rented for each place setting.

2) The Decor - The decor of your table includes all the trimmings. Centerpieces, flowers, lighting, and table numbers are the basics of a standard table set-up. When choosing centerpieces to tie in a spring theme, pull from what's readily available locally. Tulips, call lilies, cosmos, and lilacs are popular flowers for spring. If purchasing real flowers, use caution when choosing highly fragrant flowers especially for outdoor receptions. Fragrant flowers will draw bees and other unwanted insects. Also, live flowers should only be purchases a couple days before your wedding to ensure freshness. Store in large refrigerator to keep flowers looking their best. To put together our sample look, borrow mis-matched vases and pitchers from relatives to hold your flowers. You can also find out-of-the-box containers at local garage sales and thrifts stores. To tie the styles together, stick to one color. We chose simple white porcelain vases in different styles and heights for visual interest. Add votive candles and table numbers (optional) for the finishing touches.

3) Place Settings - For individual place settings you will need to consider each guest's needs. Be sure to include plates, silverware, glassware, favors, and place cards (optional). Do a trial run on your place setting by putting together an individual set-up at home. Stack up your plates, napkins, silverware, and favors until you have an arrangement you love. Take a photo of the set-up and give it to your caterer if you are having one. If you will be having family and friend set up your tables, simply print multiple photos out and hand them out come set-up time. If you're dinner will be buffet style, still follow the steps above but stack your plates at the end of your buffet table instead. Glassware, favors, napkins, and silverware can still be arranged at each place setting for guests to use as they sit down for dinner.

DIY Miniature Galvanized Watering Can Favors

These adorable miniature galvanized metal watering can favors will shower your guests will love at your wedding reception and will add a fresh spring look to your table setting. Learn how to put this favor together in just a few simple steps.

Miniature galvanized watering can favors
What you will need:

Flowers (silk or potted)
Potting soil (for real flowers)
Double-sided tape

Step 1: Place your tools into different piles to form an assembly line of ingredients. Watering can favors in first pile, potting soil/flowers in next pile, favor tags and tape in last pile. By doing this step and organizing your project, your DIY creation will come together smoothly with little headaches come clean-up time.

Step 2: For potted flowers, place a small amount of potting soil in the bottom of watering can. Start splitting your flower seedlings apart at the base taking special care of the roots and flower stems. Once you have an arrangement your like, start placing flower bunches into watering cans and top off with additional soil.

For silk flowers, organize your flower stems into bunches. Once you have an arrangement you like, start placing flower bunches into watering cans. To keep your stems from moving around, you can place a small piece of flower foam in the bottom of the watering can before inserting your flowers.

Step 3: Wrap favor tag around watering can and tape ends with double-sided tape. If using your favor tags as place cards, be sure to write guest's names on tag first before attaching to the watering can.
Repeat steps 1-3 above until you have desired amount of favors.