Craft Color into Your Party Decor with Easter DIY Projects
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Craft Color into Your Party Decor with Easter DIY Projects
by Jenna Hughes

Spring is here! It's time to prep for your Easter party. Celebrate the holiday with bright colors and fresh ideas that your family and friends are sure to adore.

Decorate with colorful paper party bags.

These bright 'Hiding Bunny' party bags are just the thing you need for handing out treats to 'somebunny' special. The bags are simple to make from printed paper party favor bags and look simply adorable sitting in rows on your refreshment table. (Scroll down to view the instructions at the end of this article.)

Create a whimsical paper pennant garland.

Another way to add color to your party is with an easy to make paper pennant banner or garland. Simply cut out triangles measuring 6 by 9 inches from cardstock or fabric. Punch holes in the top two corners and thread your ribbon through for hanging. You can embellish your pennants with shapes, letters, lace and other materials to make it unique. We simply used brightly colored card stock with a polka dot pattern for a simple swag to provide more color and visual interest without competing with the rest of the decor.

Use brightly colored Easter party supplies.

To bring color and a playful look to your party without any crafting involved, use paper napkins and disposable styrofoam cups with Easter themed colors and designs. Your party will be full of vibrant colors and cleanup will be a breeze. We used a white wire basket filled with Easter grass to hold colorful Easter party napkins. Next to your drink station or at each place setting, place your Easter party cups. Use pretty colored drinks like strawberry lemonade, fruit punch, and blueberry flavored drinks to in clear glass pitchers or dispensers to showcase the fun colors.

Give a sweet presentation with multicolored candy and favors.

Easter candy is also a wonderful way to bring color to your Easter decorations. We used our cute miniature birds nest favors and placed marshmallow bunnies inside the nest along with candy coated chocolate eggs. Names were printed in a decorative font and cut into strips of paper to tuck into the nest. These make perfect place cards for your guest seating. You can also place your little Easter Bunny nests into a shallow basket and have guests help themselves to a sweet little favor. Multicolored candies can be placed in clear apothecary jars and dishes for an easy way to display those fresh spring colors.

Instructions for Hiding Bunny Party Bags

You will need:
4 x 8 Paper Party Favor Bags. (We had ours printed with a cute bunny design, followed by the words "Happy Easter! Goodies for some bunny special")
Cardstock in your desired colors
White cardstock

1.Print and cut out your cardstock materials using the links below to our free templates.
  • Print the bunny ears on white cardstock. You can get two sets of ears out of each sheet of cardstock and will need one for each bag.
  • Print the paper bag inserts on your colored cardstock. You will get two inserts per sheet of cardstock and will need two per bag.
2. Measure 7 inches from the bottom of your paper bags and draw a horizontal pencil line. Beginning roughly a half inch beneath this line, cut a zig zag line across the top of the bag so that the top points reach the line. This creates an egg shell look that will allow your cardstock inserts to peek through.

3. Open your bags and slide one paper bag insert into the front of the bag and one along the back. They should fit just inside the folds of the bag, keeping them in place.

4. Next, fill your bags with treats. Once this is finished, you can slide in your bunny ears. They should go along the back seams of the bag and slide in only enough to cover the rectangular base. The ears should stay in place, fitting into the back seam. If the bags are too full and the ears do not stay put, use as small dot of glue and adhere the rectangular base to the back paper bag insert.

Your last step is to set them out for guests to enjoy!