3 Quick tips to your perfect wedding vows
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3 Quick tips to your perfect wedding vows

3 Quick tips to your perfect wedding vows

Your wedding vows are a time when you get to let your love shine, promising your true love and devotion. This is also the time in your ceremony to include the poems, thoughts, and readings that have special meaning to you and your fiancé. To guarantee you will have the ceremony of your dreams, follow these 3 D's to your perfect wedding vows.

Do your research

Step 1: Do your research - Depending on your religious preference, many denominations will have certain requirements set for wedding ceremonies. Every set of vows no matter the religion will include an expression of intent. Meaning, your intent to take your fiancé as your life partner. And many include a holy consecration read by your officiant. Your officiant will most likely provide an outline that describes the entire ceremony as he or she usually performs it. This does not mean you have to follow this script word for word. Just be sure to do your research on the ceremony requirements for your religion to understand what you can or cannot alter.

Decide your style

Step 2: Decide your style - The next step towards planning your perfect wedding vows is to determine your wedding ceremony style. Are you and your fiancé traditional or contemporary? Would you rather recite your vows or write your own?

Many religions require that you stick to standard vows. If this is the case, bring in your personality through unique readings and rituals. Opt for poems and song lyrics for your readings and think out of the box for your unity ceremony. A letter unity ceremony where you and your fiancé write letters for each other expressing the reasons you decided to wed is a great alternative to traditional unity candles.

Writing your own vows can be both challenging and rewarding. If you are able to, we would really suggest drafting your own vows. There is just something about putting your own words on paper that is an emotional and memorable experience. The end result will be well worth the effort and is almost always met with smiles, tears, laughter, and love. Just remember to keep your vows pre-typed on index cards to read off of on the big day...even if you don't think you'll need them. Better safe than sorry.

Draft your vows

Step 3: Draft your vows - Once you have researched the traditions behind your ceremony and decided on your style, it's time to start choosing the readings and poems you would like to include and start writing your vows. Here comes the fun part. A time to look at heartfelt poems, love songs, and vows used in the past.

Once you have selected the elements you would like to incorporate into your wedding, practice, practice, practice. Read through the ceremony script with all your included elements to make sure the pieces of the puzzle fit well together. They can always be rearranged before the ceremony, not after. Be selective when choosing people for your readings and make sure that they are well read and practiced, as well. Take this opportunity to meet with your officiant to introduce all the additions and changes you would like to make. Don't be afraid to ask for suggestions and advice if you get stuck. Finally, give yourself a big pat on the back and relish in your new lives together. You deserve it.

Blended Family Wedding Vows

Personalized sand ceremony unity decanter candles set Involving your children in your wedding is the ideal way to reinforce positive feelings about your union between your children and your new spouse. Sand ceremony unity sets are a great way to have your children play a role in your wedding. During your unity ceremony, the sand set allows each person to pour a small amount of colored sand into a large cylinder. The mixing of the different colored sand represents your family becoming blended in their new lives together. To add a personal touch, have each cylinder engraved with your children's names which will turn into keepsakes after your big day has passed.

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