Newsletter - Save the Date Etiquette Tips and Trends
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Save the Date Etiquette Tips and Trends

As spring and summer wedding plans are cemented, it is time for blushing brides to start sending out those Save the Dates. Read on for Save the Date etiquette tips and trends.

Save the Date Etiquette

Luckily Save the Dates are typically informal, which means they are also relatively stress free. There are really only a few details that you need to concern yourself with.

First, know when to send out your Save the Dates. Your guests have busy lives. They have careers, children, pets, vacation plans, and usually a tight budget. You will want to give guests enough time to clear their schedule for your event. Send out your Save the Dates 4-6 months before a standard wedding. For destination or holiday weekend weddings it is polite to give 9-12 months notice.

When deciding who to send Save the Dates to, there are no hard and fast rules. It isn't necessary to send Save the Dates to every invited guest. You could choose to only send one to those who have children or those who have to travel long distances to attend. Once your Save the Dates are sent your guest list is set in stone. Those who received a Save the Date must receive an invitation as well.

The information you include on your Save the Date can be basic or specific to suite your needs. Generally, first and last names, date, location, and the words "invitation to follow" are a standard. Other information you may want to include is a polite request to leave little ones at home if desired, whether or not formal wear is required, and what hotel or airline your guests should book to get group rates. Help the date stick in the minds of your guests by having all of this important information printed on Save the Date Magnets.

Save the Date Trends

More couples are deciding to us their Save the Dates as a chance to have a little fun and express their creativity with these top trends:

Magnets - Send out your Save the Dates on a magnet rather than a card so guests can stick it on the fridge as an easy reminder.

Photos - Feature your lovely engagement pictures or silly snap shots of you and your fiance creatively using t-shirts, signs, and other props to spell out Save the Date!

Photo Strips - The snap shot trend takes on a new look when a sequence of photos is displayed in a vintage look photo strip.

Typography - One of the hottest trends in stationary is based on the clever manipulations of the tpe and wording itself to create eye-catching art.

Have a Save the Date Q or A?

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