Newsletter - Simply Sweet Valentine's Day Treats
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Simply Sweet Valentines Day Treats
Simply Sweet Valentine
Valentine's Day is right around the corner and it's time to tell your sweetie just how much they mean to you.

A homemade baked goodie will put a smile on anyone's face no matter who they are. Whether it's your hubby, wife, child, or friend. Here are some great recipes for your Valentine's Day to show just how much you care.
Cut out for each other...
Heartthrob cookies via BHG
Heartthrob cookies via Better Homes and Gardens
Heart shaped cookie cutters
Heart shaped cookie cutter favors
Heart shaped cookies via BHG
Cutout sugar cookies via Better Homes and Gardens
There is something about heart-shaped cookie cut-outs that scream Valentine's Day. Maybe it�s the adorable shape or the childhood nostalgia that brings about feelings of old-fashioned home cookin', love, and family. A great way to get the kiddies involved, homemade cut-outs are delicious and super easy to make. To whip up your own batch, simply grab yourself some heart-shaped cookie cutters, frosting, sprinkles, and this delicious cookie cut-out recipe from
Oh so adorable packaging...
Heart shaped cookies via BHG
Puffed heart lemon cookies via Better Homes and Gardens
Cello wrapped cookies via Marths Stewart
Cellophane-wrapped cookies via Martha Stewart
Conversation heart cookies via Martha Stewart
Conversation heart cookies via Martha Stewart
To make your Valentine's Day treats look as delicious as they taste, be sure to add all the trimmings. After all, do you really want to give your Valentine ugly packaging after you put all that hard work into making your sweets extra delicious? Cellophane goodie bags tied with ribbon, personalized favor bags, and paper CD sleeves filled with jumbo sized cookies make great packaging ideas. Add heart shaped construction paper cut-outs written with cute Valentine's Day phrases like 'Be Mine', 'I Luv U', and 'XOXO'.
Breakfast in bed...

Heart pancakes via Martha Stewart
Heart shaped tea infuser
Heart Shaped Tea Infuser $2.24ea. As Low As $1.96ea.
Heart shaped cheese board
Heart Shaped Cheese Board $5.39ea. As Low As $3.20ea.
For that very special someone, breakfast in bed is a must. I think almost everyone has dreamed of a day of rest, relaxation, and breakfast in bed. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to really make this dream a reality. To pull it off, be sure to over-accessorize with heart accents. Think heart shaped pancakes topped with heart shaped bananas, heart shaped tea infusers, and a heart shaped flower bud vase filled with a single red rose...just to name a few. These extra special sentiments will make your Valentine feel especially loved.