2009 Wedding Trends
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2009 Wedding Trends - Something Old, Something New... 2009 January Newsletter

2009 Wedding Trends shown here with vintage coffee cup candles, personalized cake slice favor boxes, and economy cocktail napkins

In 2009 brides are taking a page from past vintage beauties - tipping their 'veils' to fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. From intricate lace and beading to monogrammed cocktail napkins, emphasis is on details in 2009.

Hot color combos to watch out for are metallics and natural colors. Silver and gold, pinks and creams, and yellow and greens are in for the hot summer months while deeper hues like maroons, bronzes, and blues round in the cooler months. These color trends create beautiful color combinations that will make you feel good and look good too. After all, this year is about what's beautiful. With this is mind, you can't go wrong with the classics.

How can I get the details and still stay within my budget? Having your dream wedding doesn't mean having to spend a fortune. Make your splurges in items that won't cost a fortune. Instead of paying the big bucks to project your monogram onto the dance floor, have your initials custom printed on your cocktail napkins or on personalized cake slice boxes. A detail that will look like a million bucks without actually spending the big bucks.

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