Top Ten Wedding Trends for 2011
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Top Ten Wedding Trends for 2011 2011 January Newsletter

We hope you have enjoyed your holidays! Now that a shiny new year has arrived, we are excited to see fresh and fun new wedding trends for 2011. Read on to find out this year's top ten wedding trends.

Intimate Guest Lists - Gone are the days of out of control guest lists that are so long, the couple doesn't even know half of the invited guests. In 2011 we'll see couples choosing close friends and family for intimate and budget-friendly weddings.

Circular Seating - Say "I do" in the center of a ring of chairs or benches and be truly surrounded by loving guests. If you still want a traditional set up for your ceremony, you can always place your head table in the center of your guest tables at the reception. Guests will love this novel approach that makes the bride and groom more accessible.

DIY- Handmade decor, invitations, and favors put a personal touch on your day and are budget friendly overall. Brides and grooms should play to their strengths and undertake projects that show of personal talents or hobbies.

Creativity and Personalization - Cookie cutter weddings have gotten boring for guests. Couples in 2011 will care more about making their wedding reflect their personalities in innovative ways and less about strictly adhering to etiquette or tradition.

Vintage Glam - Vintage is still in for 2011 in a big way. The Vintage Trend emphasizes classic style, nostalgia, and paying homage to simpler times. Bridal gowns will be inspired by fashions from the Victorian Era through the early 1950s.

Eco-Chic - Vintage and Eco-friendly often go hand in hand. More brides will want to recycle heirloom dress and jewelry for this reason. You can also be eco-friendly with any style or color scheme. The key is in keeping your decor, food, and favor choices all natural and environmentally friendly. The color green in a variety of tints and shades will be a popular choice for eco-loving brides.

Location, Location, Location - In 2011 weddings will reflect the couple's roots and chosen location. Themes will emphasize local flowers, plants, and foods as well as the local culture and traditions. Backyards and local landmarks will make great venues for weddings that create the feeling of a destination wedding with or without all the traveling.

Casual Photography - Brides will request more candid photos, lifestyle, and personality shots that reflect their individuality and mimic the high style photos they see in bridal magazines.

Entertainment - This is one of the few areas in the 2011 wedding budget where couples are actually choosing to increase their spending. Giving guests a good time has become a priority over having a lavish affair.

Goodbye Fondant - Textured buttercream icing makes a comeback in 2011 with accents made from real fruit and fresh edible flowers. Yum!

Don't worry about trying to incorporate all of these things into one wedding, or any of them if they just aren't you. Stay tuned this year, if you are feeling overwhelmed, we will be here to guide you along with more inspiration and ideas!

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