Newsletter - Wedding Cake Toppers from whimsical to traditional
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Wedding Cake Toppers from whimsical to traditional

Funny wedding cake toppers

The tradition of the wedding cake topper dates back to the early 1900's, picking up steam around the 1950's. Originally wedding cake toppers were seen in the form of miniature likenesses of the bride and groom to represent the togetherness of the couple. After the ceremony, the cake topper was removed and taken home as a cherished keepsake of their special day. As the years went on, many cake toppers were accented with lace, bells, and more elaborate trimmings.

The wedding cake topper tradition still thrives today and has been carried over into most modern wedding reception. While it is common to still see mini figurines used, more and more weddings have embraced the hobbies of the bride and groom; representing their interests through funny and humorous cake figurines. Other popular cake toppers that are widely used today are abstract works of art found in the shapes of doves, hearts, and sculpted monogram initials. Some couples have even aspired to showcase the vintage look by displaying their grandparent's cake toppers or another item that holds close sentimental value.

Whatever your style or theme, as we continue into the 21st century, wedding cake toppers keep evolving along with the bride and groom they represent. Keep the tradition alive and go modern with a monogram initial cake topper or dust off your grandmother's 'ole vintage topper to give your cake an heirloom feel. ~ Happy Planning!

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