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Stock the Kitchen - Culinary Themed Bridal Showers

Whether your love of the kitchen is because of the food made there or the fun gadgets used there, a kitchen-related gift shower is a wonderful way to get a head start on setting up house with your husband-to-be.

Invitations are important for a themed bridal shower. They should let guests know in a polite way, that gifts should be of the culinary variety. It would be a good idea to mention where your bride is registered and what colors or themes she plans to use in her kitchen. This makes gift buying easy and ensures that the bride receives gifts that she really wants and needs. Just for fun, include a recipe card in your invitations and request that guests bring it back with a favorite recipe for the bride to fill up her recipe box.

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To decorate your space, use practical items that the bride can later use in her kitchen. Instead of expensive vases, use kitchen colanders, pitchers and utensil jars to hold your flowers with spoons and spatulas mixed into the bouquet. You aren't limited to decorating with kitchen related items alone. You can tie in another element with a theme - like a tea party or garden theme or even give it a retro vibe with bright colors and vintage looking aprons for the guests.

One of my favorite variations is a "Cocktails in the Kitchen" theme with dessert cocktails. While your guests are enjoying good food and good drinks, you may not need much more than the conversation of good friends to entertain them. If you would like a more structured activity, consider a cooking contest or cooking class. This will undoubtedly create some hilarious memories.

When your shower is over, send guests home with a handmade treat or useful favor that they can use in their own kitchen. Cookies, chocolate, and cupcakes are always a crowd pleaser. Teaspoons, like the 'Measure of Love' spoons shown above, make pretty little favors as well as salt and pepper shakers, magnets and other small kitchen items with a novelty twist. For more kitchen themed wedding and bridal shower favors check out our kitchen favor category.