How to Dress Your Thanksgiving Table For Less...
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How to Dress Your Thanksgiving Table For Less...

Decorating your Thanksgiving table in style doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune. Here we've taken a table setting from Better Homes and Gardens and broken it down to show how you can get the look and still save your pocketbook.

Step 1: Create A Focal Point

Creating a focal point for your table setting adds texture and interest to your decor. A unique focal point will be a conversation starter and will have guests buzzing over your creativity the minute they take their seats. To create this centerpiece, all your will need is one medium sized pumpkin, orange mums, leaves, berries, and a hot glue gun. Pumpkins and mums are plentiful in the fall season. Visit local nurseries for bargain deals. To make: Attach mums to your pumpkin with hot glue. Add leaves and berries to give it a realistic look. Set your centerpiece onto a decorative cake stand to truly set it apart from the rest of your decor.

Step 2: Easy-to-Make Goodie Bowls

Next, dish out goodies in a new way by creating your own homemade gourd bowls. Put in snacks like nuts, candies, dip, and other finger foods for a pre-dinner treat. Set out personalized cocktail napkins next to each bowl to encourage guests to dive in. Great for kids and adults alike! To make: Trace out a circle on top of your gourd with a jar lid. Cut out the circle with a pumpkin carving knife and discard the insides. Make a small pouch to fit inside using plastic wrap. Fill with your favorite snack and set out for guests to enjoy. Your serving idea will not only be unique but will be a life-saver come clean-up time.

Step 3: The Finished Look

To finish off your table decor, bring in the colors of the season through accents like additional pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and fruit. Next to your main focal point, line up smaller pumpkins and fruits along the center of your table at different heights. Set bowls of fruit onto high stands. Set smaller pumpkins and your crafted gourd bowls directly onto your table. Placing your accents at graduated heights is a great way to stretch out a long table. For round tables, center your decor in a group to create texture and interest. Save money on guest place settings by using the china and linens from your cupboards. Mismatch your dinnerware to give your table decor a vintage and homemade feel. Mix in oranges, browns, gold, and greens. The use of color will add an unexpected twist and will add warmth to your decor...making your guests feel right at home. Photos and inspiration courtesy of

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