Easy and Edible Homemade Holiday Gifts
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Easy and Edible Homemade Holiday Gifts

Homemade gifts are unique, thoughtful, and often delicious! They don't have to be difficult, expensive, or consist of fruitcake in any shape or form. Just a little easy baking will spread holiday joy a long way. Here are some ideas for edible gifts that are simple to make and fun to receive!

Piece Together an Edible Puzzle

Sugar cookie puzzle courtesy of Country LivingYour friends and family will go to pieces over adorable sugar cookie puzzles. To save time you can even buy ready-made dough. Simply roll out to desired thickness on oven safe parchment paper and being by using a clean plastic container to create the basic shape of your puzzle. Use cookie cutters to cut out sections within this shape and a knife to create puzzle pieces in the remaining blank space. Next, transfer the parchment paper with your puzzle on it into the oven. Bake, decorate, and present to loved ones in a flat box. (Photo credit Country Living)

Peppermint Sticks

Peppermint Sticks courtesy of Country LivingA box of chocolate covered peppermint sticks makes a lovely gift. Inexpensive and simple to make, yet sure to please. Just dip candy canes or peppermint sticks into melted chocolate and decorate with drizzled chocolates, edible glitter, or sprinkles. These make great stir sticks for the coffee lover and can be presented with the gift of a personalized mug. Other things that make great chocolate dipped gifts are pretzels, nuts, and cookies. (Photo credit Country Living)

Mix it up!

Hot Chocolate Mix courtesy of MyRecipes.comEdible gifts are almost always a hit, but they don't necessarily have to be ready-to-eat. Mixes for soup, baked goods, and hot drinks make great gifts. Layer the dry ingredients for your recipe in a jar or mix it up in a decorative bag. Use festive personalized ribbon to attach a recipe tag that gives clear instructions. When considering what type of mix to offer, consider the person you are giving to. Take note of things like allergies and personal aversions to certain tastes or textures. Cute additions can be added to compliment your mix. Examples of this are peppermint stir sticks for drinks, cookie cutters with sugar cookie mix, and small wooden soup spoons. (Photo credit MyRecipes.com)

Packages and Bows

Presentation is key when it comes to giving homemade gifts. Get creative and think beyond the typical store bought wrapping paper and adhesive bow. Fabric is a great option for creating a beautiful gift wrap and is often as cost effective as paper. Add personalized ribbon around small gifts or personalize the gift bag or box itself to add more detail and visual interest. Gift packages that can be reused are a great choice too. Some examples of this are decorative baskets, keepsake boxes, and environmentally-friendly shopping totes.

Take this opportunity to include friends and family in the gift making process. Even little hands can help. Think of this shared time with loved ones as a gift to yourself.

Happy Holiday Baking!


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