Staying Cozy During Your Outdoor Autumn Wedding
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Stay Cozy During Your Outdoor Autumn Wedding

Autumn Wedding CoupleOutdoor autumn weddings can be a dream come true.If you plan to say "I Do" beneath an autumn blue sky, against a backdrop of richly colored leaves, then we have the advice on how to pull it off! After all, the weather is really the only obstacle between you and your beautiful fall wedding. Surprisingly, this is easier to fix than one might think. You must take a few extra measures to make sure your guests are comfortable, but the result will be well worth the effort.
 Bountiful Harvest invitations from Invitations by DawnStart with your invitations. Let your guests know in advance that your wedding will take place outdoors in a fall month. You can word the invitations so that this message is clear, but also seamlessly integrated into the rest of the verbiage. Another option is to add a line at the bottom of your invitations that lets guests know to dress warmly for your outdoor wedding. If you want to keep your invites traditional, simply include a separate card with the dress code (i.e. jackets may be required to stay cozy!). You can also use this card to give guests other pertinent information, like where they can stay for the night and where your reception will be held.
Apple Cider Cups from Gimme Some OvenGreet your guests with warm drinks like cider and coffee. You can serve these in adorable cups made from hollowed apples or from easy personalized styrofoam cups. This will give your wedding a festive feeling and let guests know that their comfort was made a priority. Remember that many guests arrive early to weddings so they will most likely be outdoors for much longer than the bridal party. Keep this in mind when planning your ceremony and try to keep it on the shorter side. Gas powered patio lamps placed around the ceremony area can also provide guests with enough warmth to stay comfortable during a short ceremony. As with any outdoor wedding, you will want a backup plan in place in case of rain. Reserve a tent or hall to use just in case. It may seem like a waste of money if you don't end up using it, but just think of the disaster that could result from not having a Plan B! A clear tent will keep everyone warm and dry while still offering that sought after autumn view. We also love the idea of holding your ceremony and reception in an open air hall or one with a panoramic view.
Wedding Dress by Monique LhuillierDress yourself and your bridal party in warmer material with the option of a jacket, cloak, or wrap. Long sleeved dresses, like the beautiful Monique Lhuillier gown shown here, are becoming easier and easier for cold weather brides to find as designers catch on to the fall and winter wedding trends. Don't forget to keep children in your bridal party warm during photos and the ceremony. You may want to keep blankets on hand for them to cuddle under during downtime. As for your groomsmen, who can easily overheat in their tuxedos and wool suits, they will probably appreciate the cooler weather.
If your reception is indoors, keep in mind that everyone has dressed warmly for the outdoor ceremony. Keep the temperature in the hall low or make sure there are plenty of large windows to open. This is another reason those open air halls are great for fall weddings! They provide the lovely fall scenery but also offer a comfortable place for guests to dine and dance.

We are just bursting with more fall ideas and tips for your fall wedding accessories, colors, favors, themes, and decor. There are just too many to list here, but keep our blog on your wedding planning radar for more inspiration!