7 Ways to Use Pumpkins in Your Wedding Decorations
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7 Ways to Use Pumpkins in Your Wedding Decorations
by Allison Bergstedt

For couples looking to add a bit of the fall season to their wedding, first thing�s first. When you think of fall, what comes to mind? Colorful leaves, crisp air, autumn wheat, good food, and let�s not forget pumpkins. Pumpkins are truly the icon of the fall season. Beautiful and simple, these autumn staples are the perfect choice for couples decorating their wedding reception on a budget or for couples who simply want to add a bit of the season to their wedding decorations. To incorporate pumpkins into your wedding, we�ve put together some easy decorating ideas that we know you�ll love.
Flower girl and ring bearer alternatives
A twist on traditional wedding party accessories - Wow guests right from the start by using pumpkins as a unique alternative to traditional ring bearer pillows and flower girl baskets. The white pumpkin ring bearer pillow (shown left) is simple to construct featuring a small white pumpkin accented with sheer ribbon and rustic leaves. Simply tie your rings onto the pumpkin with the ribbon paying extra attention that they are secured tightly to the stem. To make this adorable idea even easier, this pumpkin ring 'pillow' is available for purchase at Bragging Bags of Etsy.com. To add a twist on traditional flower girl baskets, construct a rustic pumpkin shaped basket out of woven grapevine, ribbon, and silk flowers found at any local craft store. Slip in some fall colored leaves for your flower girl to throw instead of standard flower petals to add instant color and seasonal flair during your ceremony.
Pumpkin lined wedding aisle decorations
For your ceremony - Greet guests as they walk into your ceremony by lining your pews/chairs with pumpkins. There are many stunning variations of pumpkin aisle decorations. For outdoor ceremonies, simple white pumpkins of different sizes (shown left) presented next to jars of colored berries and candles illuminate your aisle and a simple elegance to any aisle. For a more rustic approach, consider setting small tree stumps at the end of each aisle with 3 pumpkins in different heights on top. Add flowers and fall foliage to complete the look.
For indoor venues and church ceremonies, string miniature pumpkin onto twine along with mums and fall leaves. Tie a strand of garland onto the end of each pew for a look that your guests will adore.
Monogrammed pumpkins
Decor that makes a statement - The easiest place to add the season into your wedding is through your reception decor. For a simple and quick splash of color, line stairways with different sized pumpkins, set a group on either side of entrance doorways, and place mini pumpkins at the ends of your cake table, and at the bar.
For couples who are a bit more adventorous, carved pumpkins look stunning and will add a romantic glow once the lights dim down and the dancing begins. To create a monogrammed pumpkin display (shown left), buy large letter stencils from your craft store in the font of your choice. Prep your pumpkins for carving by removing the top. Remember to cut your top at a 45 degree so it will not fall through when placed back on your pumpkin. Hollow out the inside, scraping the sides to make it easier to carve. Trace your letter onto individual pumpkins using a pen. Using a pumpkin carving kit, carve your monogram out following your stencil lines. Add a votive candle to illuminate pumpkin and assign a friend or family member to light your display before your guests enter your reception.
Pumpkin garland
At the head table - For eye-catching photo ops, pumpkin garland is a must-have. Fairly to create, all you will need is bulk twine from your local craft store, mini pumpkins in one color or multiple colors, and fall leaves (optional). Gather a few friends and family members to help you with your creation. Use a small drill to pierce hole through your pumpkins. If you are using leaves, a toothpick can be used to create pierce the leaves. Begin stringing your pumpkins and/or leaves onto the twine alternating and spacing the pieces to your liking. Be sure to tie a knot before and after each pumpkin so it stays in place. Once made, the places you can use your garland are endless. Hand strands from the ceiling above your head table, cake table, bar, and dance floor. You can also string up the fall foliage garland in front of your head table and cake table to create added visual interest.
Pumpkin wedding centerpiecesAs your centerpieces - To add the wow factor to your reception decor, your guest table centerpieces are the place to get creative. A conversation starter doesn't always have to be elaborate however. Even the simplest display can still turn heads. A simple tray filled with mini pumpkins, gourds, and other fall foliage will add color and draw compliments without breaking the bank.
For an even bigger wow factor, consider using pumpkins as flower vases. Simply hollow out larger white or colored pumpkins. Place a plastic vase in the center to house your flower bouquets. Place your favorite silk or live flowers inside your pumpkins. Scatter mini pumpkins next to your display to complete the look. Your local florist may even be willing to work with your to create this display.
Mini pumpkin place cardFor your guests - Your table pumpkin decor doesn't have to stop at the centerpieces. When purchasing the mini pumpkins for your centerpieces, pick up extra ones to use as guest place cards and guest favors. This white pumpkin place card tutorial (courtesy of Twig and Thistle) comes with a free leaf shaped favor tag template and detailed instructions on how to put together this look. All you need are mini pumpkins, floral wire, and card stock.
For other fall wedding favors you may enjoy, consider giving away pumpkin seed packets for guests to use at home in remembrance of your special day. Edible favors like pumpkin shaped cookies and salted pumpkin seeds are always favorites among guests and will lend to your overall theme.
Pumpkin serving bowlFood alternatives - Our last idea is one we know you'll think is so cute. Pumpkins serving dishes will polish your look and add the finishing touches to your wedding decor. Now this idea will definitely take some preparation to pull off. But if you have the time, the finished product is worth it.
To make your pumpkin serving bowl, first remove the top of your pumpkin and hollow out. (If you will be using the pumpkin for a recipe, keep the insides. If not, go ahead and discard). Once hollow, add a decorative finish to the top by scalloping the edges. What you put in your adorable serving dish is complete up to you. There are wonderful recipes all over the Internet that look absolutely delish. Like this pumpkin pie nog recipe (shown left). Other ideas are to fill your bowl with take home treats for guests, spiced cider, soup, or butternut squash.
By incorporating these 7 tips into your wedding, you should now be well on your way to having a fantastic fall wedding full of seasonal flair and show stopping decor.

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