5 Quick & Easy Fall Wedding Centerpieces
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5 Quick & Easy Fall Wedding Centerpieces

The cool weather may be right around the corner but don't you sweat it. Creating a beautiful fall wedding table setting is a breeze with these 5 quick and easy fall wedding centerpiece ideas. Even if you're already putting the finishing touches on your fall wedding, these stunning focal points are a must-see.

1) Wheat Chic...

Fall wheat centerpieces

For an understated elegance, wheat bundles tie into a fall theme flawlessly. Simple to put together, all you need to pull this look off are bunches of wheat, large rubber bands, scissors, and wide decorative ribbon. To construct your centerpieces, add individual wheat strands one at a time so they start to gather at an angle. Secure your bunch in the middle with your rubber band. Trim the ends with scissors so your bundles stand upright on the table. Tie with decorative ribbon and voila! Images courtesy of theknot.com and flickr.com.

2) Rustic Fruit...

Rustic fall fruit centerpieces

Fruit, nuts, and berries can be found nearly everywhere during the fall season. Making our number 2 pick a great way to save your cash while still creating a beautiful focal point at your wedding. Fill a wooden box with fall fruits including rustic apples, pears, cherries, and/or figs. You can add leaves and other foliage for visual interest or go simple with a display of only assorted colored apples. Images courtesy of googleimages.com and mattbites.com.

3) Berries and Nuts...

Fall nut and berry centerpieces

Our number 3 pick takes quick and easy to a new level. Vases filled with nuts or berries are one of the easiest centerpieces to put together and yet they still look stunning. Place a single flower or candle in the center for pops of color and lighting. Images courtesy of celebrations.com and potterybarn.com.

4) Pumpkins and Gourds...

Fall pumpkin centerpieces

What better way to celebrate the fall season than with pumpkins and gourds? There is something about them that immediately evokes feelings of the fall season. Use mini pumpkins as table scatter around one of our other centerpiece ideas or make your pumpkins the focal point for the whole table. You can get crafty by using a gourd or pumpkin as a vase for holding flowers or simply stack mini pumpkins on a high decorative stand. Add branches and berries for decoration. Set small votive candles, leaves, and mini pumpkins around your main focal pint to add filler and interest. Images courtesy of bhg.com and yahoo.americangreetings.com.

5) Rustic Mason Jars...

Rustic mason jar centerpieces

Fall is commonly known by gardeners as a canning season. Make use of grandma's canning jars with our number 5 pick...rustic mason jars. Perfect for adding a subdued fall touch to your wedding. Gather as many colored or clear mason jars as you can find. Different heights will add interest so don't be afraid of mini jam jars. Add flowers to taller jars and candles to smaller ones.

For a unique twist, turn your old mason jars into a picture perfect setting. All you need is a 4x6 photo cut to size, vegetable oil, and dried herbs (optional). Cut your photo and place in your jar. Fill to the top with vegetable oil. Add your dried herbs on the opposite side of your photo. Seal the lid tightly and you're done! You will instantly have a picture perfect centerpiece that has a vintage and aged appeal. Images and tutorial courtesy of augandeverythingafter.blogspot.com and ali harper of etsy.com.