Tailgaters Guide - Helpful Tips for Tailgaters of All Types
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Tailgater's Playbook - Helpful Tips for Tailgaters for all Types
by Jenna Hughes

Tailgating PartyFootball season has begun and every weekend fans are flocking to high school, college, and pro stadiums or around their televisions to watch the big game. Game time might get serious, but the tailgating party beforehand is all about good friends, good food, and having a good time. If tailgating is a tradition in your social circle, you know that there are a few things you need to pull it off. Luckily, for all you seasoned veterans and newbies alike, we've got fresh ideas to kick off this American past time.

For the Professional Tailgaters. If you plan on tailgating for the next few months, come rain or shine, you will appreciate our first tip. Instead of purchasing disposable cups and plates every weekend, consider using plastic stadium cups and catering plates with attached flat ware. These can be rewashed and reused every weekend. They won't break or feel heavy like ceramic dishes, but they will hold up to some tailgating abuse. Get an easy to wash plastic tote to carry your tailgating kit too and from the game each week. You can even have the cups and plates personalized to make it easier to round them up at the end of the night. After the season is over you can either toss them if they are too worn to use or keep them for next year.

For the Social Butterflies. Some tailgating fans prefer to see everyone and sample everything. If you aren't one to set up your own tailgate and prefer cruising the crowd instead, you may find yourself without a chair - or worse, without a beer - when you stop to chat with fellow fans. A personalized sit and sip cooler is the remedy for both situations. These clever coolers allow you to carry your drinks with you and then pop open the sides to transform your cooler into the perfect tailgating chair. This convenient cooler bag also makes it easy to protect your stash of drinks and snacks.

For the Fan of the Party, but Not the Sport. Maybe you got roped into this tailgating madness, or maybe you are just along for the food and drinks ride. At some point your lack of interest in the sport at hand is going to leave you feeling a bit bored. Never fear. There are a variety of other ways to entertain yourself at one of these parking lot shindigs. Some popular games played before the real game begins are flip cup and beer pong. Just grab some solo cups and start a parking lot tournament! Corn hole and horse shoes are other fun ways to keep your energy up.

For the Tailgate Martha. You love a good party, no matter what the venue or the theme, you rise to the occasion. You know to pack the coldest items in the bottom of the cooler and not to leave any perishable food out for more than an hour. You have faithfully piped relish laces onto football themed deviled eggs, created cupcake helmets, and many more culinary delights. This season spice up your tailgating recipe book with two of the year's hottest food trends. Mini food, like sliders and fries, mini hot dogs, and pint sized cups of stew in Styrofoam cups will all make your typical tailgater's menu a little more fun. Another fun way to serve old favorites is by the skewer. Chicken, steak, and brats can all be cut into bite sized pieces and skewered with a wooden or paper bakery sticks. Chicken fingers and Corn Dogs are also great foods to serve on a stick with a variety of dipping sauces. These easy finger foods will be a big hit at any party this fall.

Whatever position you play in the tailgating game, remember that it is all about having and good time and creating another memorable season with friends and family.