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Funny Golf Instructions Options

Choose one of the three funny golf instructions groups below when ordering your personalized golf academy golf sign gift.

Each witty set of golf instruction guidelines has been carefully compiled to reflect your golf fan's particular talents.

Simpy select the group of your choice in the Funny Golf Instructions Group drop down menu on your custom printed golf acadamy sign order page.

Funny Golf Instructions - Group One

How to properly line up your fourth putt
How to find that ball that everyone else saw go into the water
How to relax when you are hitting three off the tee
How to get more distance off the shank

Funny Golf Instructions - Group Two

When to give the ranger the finger
Using your shadow on the greens to maximize earnings
Proper excuses for drinking beer before 9:00 a.m.
When to suggest major swing corrections to your opponent

Funny Golf Instructions - Group Three

When to regrip your ball retriever
How to let a foursome play through a twosome
God and the meaning of the Birdie to Bogie three putt
How to avoid the water when you lie 8 in the bunker