Personalized Carved Sandalwood Folding Wedding Hand Fan Favors For Wedding
Folding Sandalwood hand fan favors personalized with custom printed stickers
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Folding Sandalwood hand fan favors personalized with custom printed stickers Imprint color options for personalized Sandalwood hand fan favors  
Keep guests cool at your outdoor wedding ceremony and reception with delicately fragrant ornately carved folding sandalwood hand fans personalized with the bride and groom's name and wedding date. Guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness when they receive their personal fan to keep cool in the summer heat during your wedding and at home. Natural sandalwood is a uniquely fragrant wood known for its distinct color and ability to support highly detailed carvings.

Each fan measures 8 inches long by 3/4 inch wide when in the folded position and 14 inches wide when fully unfolded. Each of the 22 wood panels is carved with a delicate intricate pattern allowing just enough air to flow through and create a gentle, scented breeze when fanned. The wood panels are held together and pivot on a metal peg with attached white braided nylon tassel. Each fan is packaged in a white gift box and includes a 2 5/8 inch long by 1/4 inch wide clear adhesive sticker personalized with two lines of custom print to include the bride and groom's name and wedding date or a thank you message. Stickers are shipped on a sheet and must be adhered to each fan favor by hand.

Assembly required: Stickers are shipped separately and must be applied to each fan.

Personalized Carved Sandalwood Folding Wedding Hand Fan Favors

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 Price $2.19
Assembly Required
Personalized labels arrive separately
to be affixed to side of each fan.
1 Sticker per fan

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 Average Rating:  3.5 Star Rating
 based on 26 Customer Reviews  
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   Very Nice, August 5, 2020  By Olivia (helena, MT)(Verified)
very nice, I can't wait to hand these out. My only complaint is the fishing line was long and required trimming.
   Very disappointed, September 15, 2019  By Norma (south San Francisco, CA)
We are very disappointed with this product. We thought this fans were made out of wood and they are actually cardboard. Very cheap product, we feel that we got tricked by this website.
MWRI Response: The sandalwood hand fans are made of real sandalwood, not cardboard. The customer has been contacted regarding the complaint.
   Excellent material, September 12, 2019  By Letty (Carol Stream, IL)
the products is made with a perfect finish
   Great Product, August 9, 2019  By Angelica (Westfield, MA)
These fans came in quickly and beautifully made! I received extra stickers just in case of mistakes which was helpful and thoughtful. My only complaint is the thin fishing wire was left long and required me to cut them. Other than that, I would highly recommend!!
   Great, May 15, 2018  By Djusalem (Brooklyn, NY)
Everything is good, thanks.
   Fans, January 22, 2018  By Jessica (HI)(Verified)
Some fan edges could have been sanded down. We do like them overall as a wedding favor.
   sandlewood fan, October 14, 2017  By marty 
These are lovely fans. A few of the fans have darker areas on them. If you want the stickers with words on them, they are very easy to apply. They come in white boxes that have their code markers on them. I chose to order the organza fan bags to put them in. They make a very attractive gift.
   not what i expected, April 10, 2017  By michele (mottville, MI)(Verified)
They are cheaply made and were not finished well. While putting on the stickers had to clip many of the ends of line threaded thru the fan to keep it together. Smells good, but would not buy again.
   Fan Review, February 13, 2017  By Jessie (Yuma, AZ)(Verified)
The fans are nice. However, I am sooooo disappointed in the personalized labels. The print is so small that it is very difficult to read the names and date.
   Poor quality, August 4, 2016  By Meghan (Marietta, GA)
Many are split and broken and the rest are so low quality that you can't make out the design. I won't be using these
   Fans!, July 23, 2016  By Sandy (Alamo, TN)
Love them!! So perfect!
   Hand Fan Favors, June 28, 2016  By Kate (Gloucester, MA)
Quality of fans is decent, they look like I expected. Two quality issues easily resolved would make this a 5 star review:

1. cut the string back that holds the fan together, its about 6" too long on either end of the fan

2. there is a hole right where the stickers go so some of the writing sits over the hole (the hole is not on all fans - be more consistent and eliminate the 1st hole altogether)

Otherwise I look forward to using them at the wedding.
   Not good product, June 27, 2016  By Lilian (Houston, TX)
Cheap material , sticker its on the side you have to fix it on your on so imagine if you order hundred of them , it'll take your time to fix them all , not happy with this product
   Love these fans, June 14, 2016  By Dawn (Hope Mills, NC)
We bought these fans as a favor for our beach wedding. They are perfect and beautiful. They appear to be very well made. The stickers were hard to get off the sheet but other than that, we are very happy.
   LOVE LOVE LOVE, June 14, 2016  By Kelly (Middle River, MD)
I'm having a July wedding outdoors and have been looking for fans for a while. I was so impressed when I found these that I figured something had to be wrong to get them for that price. I ordered 100 and there wasn't a defective on in the lot! The stickers went on with no problem and they look so elegant.
   Can't recommend. ..., June 6, 2016  By Angela (Orlando, FL)
The finish products are not neat. It has a lot of work to do. Obviously, old and new products are mixed.
   Not the best quality but they will work!, June 2, 2016  By Katie (Oklahoma City, OK)
The fans will work for our wedding but they are not great quality. Many have splintery pieces and some are very rough. I had to trim long clear strings off almost all of them. But in the end, they will do the job and the nicer ones look very cute.
   solid purchase, May 31, 2016  By Stacy (Tremont, IL)
As many other reviews that I read said, these fans are exactly what they appear. Very thin sandalwood, so a little dainty, but none were damaged nor fell apart etc. Small stickers to apply for personalization were ideal because if it hadn't been predicted to be hot, I was planning to re-sell them plain if not used. They were much used on the fairly hot afternoon of the wedding & a small token of remembrance of their special day. Very good purchase for the inexpensive price.
   Folding hand fan favors, May 18, 2016  By Yolanda (Kyle, TX)
I ordered the sandalwood folding hand fans and I was really impressed. They had minor details I had to fix (extra string), but other than that we really liked them.
   Wonderful for the price, May 13, 2016  By Sierra (Dixon, MO)
The sandalwood fans from MY Wedding Reception Ideas was a wonderful and surprising find. I had been searching for wedding favors that would keep my guests cool during my outdoor wedding reception that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. These fans outshined my expectations! They were pretty, I loved that they came with a personalization option as well! There were some issues with the wood itself not being completely formed, but again the price was right and the designs were lovely.
   Absolutely Beautiful, May 11, 2016  By Sande (Pensacola, FL)
I ordered these fans for my daughters beach wedding. The fans are will be a beautiful way for everyone to keep cool!
   Regarding order, May 9, 2016  By Bintu (Mattapan, MA)
I love the fans, except whereas I have to do the sticker otherwise they are brilliant.
   Happy Customer, May 9, 2016  By Cyn (Dallas, TX)
We loved the fans for our event! We received them ahead of time!
   These are great!, May 2, 2016  By Liz (Cary, NC)
I really love these fans. Obviously they're are a bit flimsy so you can't like be rough with them, but they're pretty, elegant and smell nice! I can't wait to share them with my wedding guests!
   look great, May 2, 2016  By natalie 
individually boxed. arrived quickly!